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KR 54: Life, Death, Love, Money and The Resilience Guy

bill-crash-feb-2011A decade ago, Bill was just an average guy living the 1% life. Married, two great boys, a business that was rocking. It was all systems go…So he believed as he stepped on stage to receive his award for the 40 Under 40, recognizing the winners in the world.


Bill Gaining Strength

It’s what happened next…Then next, and next that has earned Bill the title of, “The Resilience Guy.” From the collapse of his business, end of his 17 year marriage, and a near death experience…Bill proves it’s not what happens to you but what you do with what happens that matters.

Now, nearing the half century mark, Bill is living the life most men would dare to dream about. It’s a simpler life, less stuff and more meaning. He’s stronger, leaner and more energized–and looks a decade younger than he did a decade ago.

Men, enjoy Bill’s story but listen to the wisdom and listen to your own heart. This is a story about winning, losing, heart break, love, near death and any man, yes you, can learn to flex, flow and conquer every obstacle that gets in your way.

You’ll laugh, you’ll squirm, you’ll celebrate and you’ll feel the strength of knowing what YOU too can do with less then nothing, when the decks are stacked against you…and how to surrender into your strength and come out swinging.. and win.



The 3 Questions of Fitness


But… before turning in I was reading one of our favorite books to Lilly, The Three Questions, by Jon J. Muth. It’s based on a story by Leo Tolstoy.

In this book a boy is seeking the answers to the 3 most important questions of life… The answers are quite moving but as I read them tonight I realized they are also the answers so many seek to the often overly
complex pursuit of fitness.

The 3 Questions:

  • - When is the best time to do things?
  • - Who is the most important one?
  • - What is the right thing to do?

After a moving journey the wise turtle tells him that he’s found the answers, quite simply:

“Remember then that there is only one important time, and that time is NOW. The most important one is always the one you are with. And the most important
thing is to do good for the one who is standing at your side. For these, my dear boy, are the answers to what is most important in this world.” ~ Wise Turtle

I agree… this is sage advice for a life well lived. But I think we can take it one layer deeper and look at it from the health and fitness perspective.

1. There is only ONE important time, and that is now.

To me that means that the ONLY important time in your pursuit of a healthier, stronger body is NOW. What you did yesterday, the mistake you made last night, none of it matters. Only what you choose NOW. Do you eat the salad or the cake?

Do you train or sit?

NOW is the ONLY time you have to change the path you are on. One NOW at a time. Do the RIGHT thing NOW and watch the NOW’s pile up into a massive result.

2. The MOST important ONE is the ONE you are with.

Yes, and you are the ONE you are always with. YOU are the ONE we most often forget, take for granted and ignore.

As they tell you on the airplanes, in the event of emergency place your oxygen mask on first. You are the most important one. If you let yourself down, you let your family and world down.

3. The most important thing to do is to do GOOD for the ONE.

You got this, right? Yeah, YOU are the ONE and the most important thing you can do is to do good (in this moment) for you, that ONE.

How self supporting is this loop, right? In THIS moment, you must do the RIGHT thing for you, the one. It’s that simple. Make the right choice and make the righter choice tomorrow.

Yes, these my dear Shawn, are the answers to the most important things you can do to transform your body and life.



Your Full Potential is…



KR 53: The Myths of Functional Muscle, Old School is NEW Again, Training + Nutrition + Supplements for Over 40 Muscle

Writer, Blogger, Editor ( iron training, muscle building, over 40 all around good guy, Bryan Krahn talks with us about:

  • Functional Jerk-offs – the Myth of Iron and Functional Fitness
  • 3 Lifts You Should Stop doing Over 40
  • Do you need supplements?
  • How lifting iron can help you be more present in life
  • Bryan’s Start with EAS Canada
  • Where do you get REAL Reliable information these days
  • The epic days of Muscle Media 2000 and EAS

“The More I learn, the more old school I get.” Bryan

The more I learn the more OLD SCHOOL I get.
The more I learn the more OLD SCHOOL I get.

Listen for the quote of the show: “You don’t need pants but they are handy when you leave the house…”


Where do you get your information these days? Magazines? Youtube? Online? Newsletters? Where?? Tell us…


Arthur Ashe Quote


TKR52: The Persecution of Dr. OZ, Fat Loss Miracles & A Question of Integrity in the Fitness Industry

In a much overdue and highly charged show, Scott and Shawn go straight to the HOT issue, the recent assault on Dr. Oz by Congress for his extreme and some say exaggerated claims of “Fat fighting Miracles.”

What’s the truth? Should Oz be burned at the stake or is he simply the scape goat for an industry and a people who have lost their way and are desperate to be saved from their own fork and spoon?

Dr Oz sees himself as a cheerleader.... ???
Dr Oz sees himself as a cheerleader…. ???

In this show …

  • How to Get Ground and Focus Yourself for a Workout Even when Life is Challenging
  • The Question of Integrity: How to Decipher Truth from Hype on Your Own
  • A call to fitness pros: Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re helping or hurting
  • How much muscle can you gain, regardless of what you are told?
  • Why you have to be your OWN ADVOCATE and how to Stop the Rise of OZ

Please share your thoughts, comments and questions below… and share the show!!


Episode 51: The Zen of Strength – Mindful Muscle and Meditation

“Weight training is boring!” the masses complain. Ah, but it is nothing but your experience and thus the boring is never out there, but in you.

What is the difference between the effortless ecstasy of a flow state of effective training and the boring, painful, dutiful drudgery of going through the motions of exercise? Listen in to this episode and find out how you can get into the ZONE, the deeply enjoyable Zen of Strength state.

Much like the state of FLOW, reaching this nirvana of synchronicity of body, mind and spirit is anything but an accident. With some specific anchors and practices that are found in Focus Intensity Training (F.I.T.) focus, flow and freedom can be yours.

And guess what? Yep, it’s as good for your mind as your body. Meditation, the gateway to mindfulness, need not be reserved for the cushion. The muscle building art of lifting iron hold a unique capacity for reaching a deep, focused, mindful and meditation state. Try it some time…

But first, listen in and learn why, how and what you can do next…

Meditation guru, Jon Kabat-Zinn, says, Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”


Episode 50: Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Ultimate Performance


In this latest Episode I welcome the Super-Human, Biohacking, Ultimate Performance Athlete Ben Greenfield.

In this mind-bending, no-bullshit, performance, life-hack show we talk about Ben’s NEW BOOK, Beyond Training and Ben shares a load of insider tips about how he lives a stress-free life while seeking the ultimate in human performance.beyond-training-book

My favorite question–made by his answer–was, “When was the last time you hit the wall during a race and absolutely wanted to quit, stop, collapse? And what did you do?”

  • From Bodybuilding to Extreme Endurance
  • What is the toughest physical challenge?
  • What the hell is Bio-hacking and what does it teach us?
  • Ben’s 6 months of 90% fat diet for performance (why?)
  • How to go longer, stronger
  • How to make more time in your day, easily
  • Ketones–burning more fat per minute (ketosis)
  • Nooptropics–cognitive performance and it’s role in anti-aging
  • Biofeedback, getting sleep, cutting stress, mediation
  • Journaling, using Ever-Note effectively…
  • and other hacks for time, performance and bliss!


Episode 49: About Combat Conditioning and Staying Alive with Nate Morrison

Nate Flt Suit Face PicThis week’s show flat out rocks! My expert guest is military super-trainer Nate Morrison, a veteran of 16 deployments and specialist in Combat Conditioning. Nate knows how to get you prepared when it truly is a matter of life and death.

Nate is a student of not only military history but truly the rise of the physical culture, dating back to the first warrior nations. He’s spent years behind what we used to call, “the iron curtain” learning the art and science of performance from the Russians, including being one of the first westerners to embrace kettlebells from their origin.

Click Here to Get Yours

Nate is the real deal, he knows his stuff. He’s got a wisdom born of many years in the field and a personality that you’d want to fight for. You will enjoy this dialogue… I did.

Peak Moments to Listen for:

  • Nate describes what happens to the human mind and body when “dropped” and left alone in the mountains for 4 weeks. This is fascinating… you can feel your animal instincts awakening as he talks…
  • The “Green Line of 60″” – an self-analysis system Nate developed to help you target world class results, across the continuum of physique to performance. This sh%$ is cool!



When You Stop Chasing Fit, Fit Will Chase You


A lean, strong, sexy, amazing, powerful, impressive, confident version of yourself is coming. You deserve it, want it… Hell, you need it.

It’s going to feel great. Right.

This is the good goal, the vision, the right thing. But there’s a problem with this seemingly loving goal. A hitch in the proverbial “get along.”

What? What could that possibly be?

Well, the problem is that underneath that inspiring goal is the clearly encoded message that what, who and where you are right now is not enough, simply “wrong.” That who you are is not all these things and you have to do something, gain something, become someone else to be worthy of all that goodness you desire.

We make ourselves bad, wrong, to be better. That’s the fuel. “You suck! Now stand up straight.,” is the message most of received in self-leadership and motivation.

Hence, we believe pain and suffering is our due until we get where we want to be, so we can be free of this feeling. For, then we will have earned the goodness, riches and fame.

So, let’s look at this. You’re in pain on some level and that pain should continue or intensify until you get that which will relieve you of pain–so you imagine. “The suffering shall continue until the body improves.”

Bullshit I Say, Bullshit!

This story is absolute utter bullshit. It’s a recipe for pain and suffering as a way of life. If we are suffering, on some level, with a story we are not enough that story doesn’t get released when we get that which we want. It gets dulled for short while. It gets covered up. The ego gets to pretend it’s won and play hero. But the pain continues, the agony intensifies and we keep cycling around and around. We get better, get unfit, feel disconnected, chase a dream and on we go until we die.

Heads your fat, tails your fit… ever consider that it’s the same coin that keeps getting flipped–the same self-condemnation cycle that gets you chasing (even achieving) fitness, that got you fat in the first place.

Whole Perfect and Complete

What if you don’t have to suffer for love, for joy, for acceptance? What if you can love yourself, the you which is not your body, as you are and embrace your body, in full light and compassion and love.

What if getting fitter is a choice made from a place of love and compassion? What if you get to stop the “running from” and “running to” and see what being is like. And from being, you freely choose a different level of being, physically.

Imagine the energy that might come back to you. The fuel you will have access to when you no longer have to cycle the story of pain and suffering.

The act of letting this story go is not another doing but of surrender. It’s the letting go, the ceasing, the complete surrender to the pain and story–such that it washes over you like waves of the ocean and you are carried by the current, not crafting another “good enough” hero challenge.

It’s letting go. Surrender.

Any damned fool can eat better when a gun is pointed at them but only a free man can eat healthier when no one is looking. And free means free from pain, free from story, free from good and bad. So that even the healthy food is not a “good meal” or a “cheat meal” but a meal I choose to support who I am. It’s nutrition aligned with my expression of being.

The simple and absolute truth is that you, right now, just as you are, whole, perfect and complete. There is not a thing you have to do, need to do to be any better, higher or more lovable expression of you.

When you can let that in you will find in that truth the power and strength you’ve been missing in the chasing and running to be enough. Life from a position of strength, from a center that is grounded in truth and being is an unfair advantage in this world of fear and lack. It’s like turning the light in a room of your soul that has been dark for as long as you can recall and discovering that is held an infinite source of energy and strength.

You are not your body. Your body is not you. You are whole, perfect and complete. And from that place, from your center of strength and power which resides through the gateway of surrender you will be free to choose how you want to manifest your body. Freely, joyfully, without suffering.

When, as T.S. Eliot says, we “arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” you may, as many have, find that fitness is not something you have to go chasing after. That fitness is actually the authentic, organic expression of who you are. And rather than rules and guides, structures, plans and guru’s you are free and fit, at the same time. Free to eat what you want and it happens that that want is healthy. Free to do what you desire but the desire is for life, energy and strength.

Thus, I suggest that when you find your center your fitness will be there waiting to great you.

Strong travels. May your journey but joyous and effort free.