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Episode 49: About Combat Conditioning and Staying Alive with Nate Morrison

Nate Flt Suit Face PicThis week’s show flat out rocks! My expert guest is military super-trainer Nate Morrison, a veteran of 16 deployments and specialist in Combat Conditioning. Nate knows how to get you prepared when it truly is a matter of life and death.

Nate is a student of not only military history but truly the rise of the physical culture, dating back to the first warrior nations. He’s spent years behind what we used to call, “the iron curtain” learning the art and science of performance from the Russians, including being one of the first westerners to embrace kettlebells from their origin.

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Nate is the real deal, he knows his stuff. He’s got a wisdom born of many years in the field and a personality that you’d want to fight for. You will enjoy this dialogue… I did.

Peak Moments to Listen for:

  • Nate describes what happens to the human mind and body when “dropped” and left alone in the mountains for 4 weeks. This is fascinating… you can feel your animal instincts awakening as he talks…
  • The “Green Line of 60″” – an self-analysis system Nate developed to help you target world class results, across the continuum of physique to performance. This sh%$ is cool!


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