Episode 24: The One with Rog Law and Sexification Fitness « The Kryptonite Report Strength Podcast
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Episode 24: The One with Rog Law and Sexification Fitness

Rog Law - Roger LawsonIt’s time to open your mind to the sexification of fitness… using fitness as a tool to enhance all areas of your life.

Roger Lawson… aka RogLaw, is among the new breed of fitness pro’s who haven’t been jaded by some of the unethical fitness marketing practices… who are young enough to truly believe they can change the world…

Rog comes from a place of positivity… leading by example… which gives Shawn and I a new revived hope for the future of fitness.

Listen in as we share…

  • The importance of treating yourself pretty damn nice.
  • Have to…get to…want to…to complete joy and expression.
  • What you do physically translates to how you feel mentally.
  • Why you MUST be selfish.
  • Become a conduit of change through your own experiences.
  • Putting up a mirror to show others their true potential.
  • We’re all in this together.

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Learn more about Rog Law by visiting www.RogLawFitness.com

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