Episode #17: The Truth of Fitness, Diet, Supplements and LIFE with Will Brink « The Kryptonite Report Strength Podcast
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Episode #17: The Truth of Fitness, Diet, Supplements and LIFE with Will Brink

Like a breathe of fresh air after a long day below grown or a drink of cool water after days in the desert, Will Brink is a radiant light in the long and confusing tunnel of fitness. I’ve known Will since the days when he was a writer for Muscle Media. I like to think we’ve always had a good friendship as while not everyone can appreciate Will’s straight forward, “as I see it” style, I always respected Will for this.

  • The Truth About Whey Protein Isolate and the Unfounded Rumors
  • Why Whey Protein is the Choice of Champions
  • The Final Word on Creatine that works (and water retention #myth)
  • How Supplement Companies Make Fools of You
  • Laser Sharks (don’t ask, just listen)
  • A Funny story about a famous fitness icon!! Good one Will!
  • Pre-workout supplements: What you really need, why
  • Full Force the choice of Elite Operators (where is it now?)
  • Where to buy supplements, why

This is a rare interview with a guy who just doesn’t talk or share this much. He’s got info and experience to overwhelm most but Will’s not quick to just have a candid conversation. If you’re into the truth, if you wanna know what the “real people” know, if you have a thirst for health and fitness, do NOT MISS THIS ONE.

Find Will and his many FREE Reports on The Brink Zone.com

Will’s 50 Shades of Whey (for Kindle)

Will’s Creatine Graveyard : Where they go do die

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