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Mastery and Surrender



How Performance Addiction is Killing Your Performance

Nutrient-RichI return this week with a new cut from our ol’ friend, “The Father of Performance Lifestyle,” JAM: John Allen Mollenhauer.

If you’ve ever felt you’re working yourself to “death” or known a level of fatigue that has you pondering ever moving again, you gotta listen. You gotta learn what JAM has to offer about our NATIONAL obsession with PERFORMANCE and how we’ve taken a great thing and turned it into an addiction.

Yes, and we talk about how to STOP DOING and START UN-DO-ING. How to step out of the human doing and back into BEING.

Perfectly, we open with: The Beauty of Old School Iron Finding Your Zen Zone

• Why iron remains the most common, most popular method of training (outside walking a treadmill)

• What’s YOUR STORY of Strength, Health and Fitness? Is it serving you?

• The Physical Culture of Strength (see Strong & Shapely Gym)

• The downfall of “fitness hacks”

Performance Addiction – Is it ruining your life and performance

• The minimalism fallacy: Why faster misses the point (using sex as example)

Why sex without the relationships is like dessert without the flavor (calories)

• Resultitus

• Performance Addiction and Bodybuilder vs. The Type-A Man

• How to truly claim your time for healthy, strong, life (without guilt or stress)

How to hack bread <<== Do NOT Miss this one 

• How to recover from performance addiction and get back to performance

• How stories are driving you towards suffering and away from the peace, vibrant health and life you desire

Doing vs. Being Fit



KR 57: American Sniper Training

thumbnail_19703Watching the movie, American Sniper, was quite an experience. Intense, moving and heartbreaking. Cooper is amazing in his portrayal of Chris Kyle and Clint Eastwood, masterful as usual.

Yet, me, my mind kept tracking to the questions:

  • How does a SEAL get through that training and testing?
  • How strong are these guys, really?
  • What does a day in the life of a sniper look like?
  • How do these guys stay in shape? What is their training?
  • How and what do they eat?

You know, all that stuff that few other were thinking about. Ah, but now that you think about it, some pretty interesting questions. Right?Bradley+Cooper+Bradley+Cooper+Gets+Visit+Girlfriend+PPCFtC01XOLl

Once out of the movie, I contacted my buddy, Nate Morrison, elite military trainer, specialist, multi-decade veteran, medic, mountain assault specialist and one of the founders at RIKR Performance. RIKR is an elite military performance training company.

At 19:08 Nate shares some vital wisdom on how you can learn to handle whatever is going in your life. How to stay sane when the world is crazy and not to loose you sh$% when it hits the fan. Very important stuff! Do Listen!

I wanted to learn what it was really like, get the texture that only an insider could know. And I thought you might wanna know too. So that is precisely what Nate gives us in this episode. He talks about the days, the nights, the food, the MRE’s, chow halls, the mobile (and not so mobile) gyms. He offers some texture to the trauma, and how a warrior handles the situation with as much grace as possible. As usual with Nate, I get more than I plan for. He’s a wealth of experience and knowledge–and he has the smarts and personality to share it with courage and color. Nate Flt Suit Face Pic

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is one of my favorite shows to date. I learned a lot and gained in my appreciation and understanding of not just the training, health and wellness but the importance of training, the emotional well-being and how we can all learn to better handle stress and pressure of our daily lives.

Previous Episodes with Nate Morrison: Episode 49: Combat Conditioning and Staying Alive 

Please, remove your hats, sit back and enjoy this hour.

I Ask Only 2 Things of You

Of course, as this show is FREE to you, I ask only 2 things of you if you enjoyed it half as much as I did.

1. Comment: Tell Nate and I what you liked most. Ask questions that we forgot to cover. Share your own experience.

2. Take a look at Nate’s World Class Programs: Combat Conditioning, Combat Nutrition and The Ultimate Training Journal.

Like all things Nate does, these are quality programs from a committed master. You may or may not be ready for warrior training but each of these will give you new information, new motivation and challenge you to step up your strength game.

RKIR-performancePlease Share Your Comments and Questions Below:


Dream the Dream of Living the Life Your Are Actually Living Today…


If you could dream 75 years in one night… Well, this is what could happen or perhaps what did. As you find yourself here, the One pretending not to be.

If you awaken to this illusion… and you understand that black implies white; self implies other; death implies life…

Take 4 minutes of your life. Do nothing else. Listen not with your head but your soul. Think less and be more as you take this in. Then, share.


The 3 Questions of Fitness


But… before turning in I was reading one of our favorite books to Lilly, The Three Questions, by Jon J. Muth. It’s based on a story by Leo Tolstoy.

In this book a boy is seeking the answers to the 3 most important questions of life… The answers are quite moving but as I read them tonight I realized they are also the answers so many seek to the often overly
complex pursuit of fitness.

The 3 Questions:

  • - When is the best time to do things?
  • - Who is the most important one?
  • - What is the right thing to do?

After a moving journey the wise turtle tells him that he’s found the answers, quite simply:

“Remember then that there is only one important time, and that time is NOW. The most important one is always the one you are with. And the most important
thing is to do good for the one who is standing at your side. For these, my dear boy, are the answers to what is most important in this world.” ~ Wise Turtle

I agree… this is sage advice for a life well lived. But I think we can take it one layer deeper and look at it from the health and fitness perspective.

1. There is only ONE important time, and that is now.

To me that means that the ONLY important time in your pursuit of a healthier, stronger body is NOW. What you did yesterday, the mistake you made last night, none of it matters. Only what you choose NOW. Do you eat the salad or the cake?

Do you train or sit?

NOW is the ONLY time you have to change the path you are on. One NOW at a time. Do the RIGHT thing NOW and watch the NOW’s pile up into a massive result.

2. The MOST important ONE is the ONE you are with.

Yes, and you are the ONE you are always with. YOU are the ONE we most often forget, take for granted and ignore.

As they tell you on the airplanes, in the event of emergency place your oxygen mask on first. You are the most important one. If you let yourself down, you let your family and world down.

3. The most important thing to do is to do GOOD for the ONE.

You got this, right? Yeah, YOU are the ONE and the most important thing you can do is to do good (in this moment) for you, that ONE.

How self supporting is this loop, right? In THIS moment, you must do the RIGHT thing for you, the one. It’s that simple. Make the right choice and make the righter choice tomorrow.

Yes, these my dear Shawn, are the answers to the most important things you can do to transform your body and life.



Your Full Potential is…



Arthur Ashe Quote


When You Stop Chasing Fit, Fit Will Chase You


A lean, strong, sexy, amazing, powerful, impressive, confident version of yourself is coming. You deserve it, want it… Hell, you need it.

It’s going to feel great. Right.

This is the good goal, the vision, the right thing. But there’s a problem with this seemingly loving goal. A hitch in the proverbial “get along.”

What? What could that possibly be?

Well, the problem is that underneath that inspiring goal is the clearly encoded message that what, who and where you are right now is not enough, simply “wrong.” That who you are is not all these things and you have to do something, gain something, become someone else to be worthy of all that goodness you desire.

We make ourselves bad, wrong, to be better. That’s the fuel. “You suck! Now stand up straight.,” is the message most of received in self-leadership and motivation.

Hence, we believe pain and suffering is our due until we get where we want to be, so we can be free of this feeling. For, then we will have earned the goodness, riches and fame.

So, let’s look at this. You’re in pain on some level and that pain should continue or intensify until you get that which will relieve you of pain–so you imagine. “The suffering shall continue until the body improves.”

Bullshit I Say, Bullshit!

This story is absolute utter bullshit. It’s a recipe for pain and suffering as a way of life. If we are suffering, on some level, with a story we are not enough that story doesn’t get released when we get that which we want. It gets dulled for short while. It gets covered up. The ego gets to pretend it’s won and play hero. But the pain continues, the agony intensifies and we keep cycling around and around. We get better, get unfit, feel disconnected, chase a dream and on we go until we die.

Heads your fat, tails your fit… ever consider that it’s the same coin that keeps getting flipped–the same self-condemnation cycle that gets you chasing (even achieving) fitness, that got you fat in the first place.

Whole Perfect and Complete

What if you don’t have to suffer for love, for joy, for acceptance? What if you can love yourself, the you which is not your body, as you are and embrace your body, in full light and compassion and love.

What if getting fitter is a choice made from a place of love and compassion? What if you get to stop the “running from” and “running to” and see what being is like. And from being, you freely choose a different level of being, physically.

Imagine the energy that might come back to you. The fuel you will have access to when you no longer have to cycle the story of pain and suffering.

The act of letting this story go is not another doing but of surrender. It’s the letting go, the ceasing, the complete surrender to the pain and story–such that it washes over you like waves of the ocean and you are carried by the current, not crafting another “good enough” hero challenge.

It’s letting go. Surrender.

Any damned fool can eat better when a gun is pointed at them but only a free man can eat healthier when no one is looking. And free means free from pain, free from story, free from good and bad. So that even the healthy food is not a “good meal” or a “cheat meal” but a meal I choose to support who I am. It’s nutrition aligned with my expression of being.

The simple and absolute truth is that you, right now, just as you are, whole, perfect and complete. There is not a thing you have to do, need to do to be any better, higher or more lovable expression of you.

When you can let that in you will find in that truth the power and strength you’ve been missing in the chasing and running to be enough. Life from a position of strength, from a center that is grounded in truth and being is an unfair advantage in this world of fear and lack. It’s like turning the light in a room of your soul that has been dark for as long as you can recall and discovering that is held an infinite source of energy and strength.

You are not your body. Your body is not you. You are whole, perfect and complete. And from that place, from your center of strength and power which resides through the gateway of surrender you will be free to choose how you want to manifest your body. Freely, joyfully, without suffering.

When, as T.S. Eliot says, we “arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” you may, as many have, find that fitness is not something you have to go chasing after. That fitness is actually the authentic, organic expression of who you are. And rather than rules and guides, structures, plans and guru’s you are free and fit, at the same time. Free to eat what you want and it happens that that want is healthy. Free to do what you desire but the desire is for life, energy and strength.

Thus, I suggest that when you find your center your fitness will be there waiting to great you.

Strong travels. May your journey but joyous and effort free.


Episode 47: The Rise of Over 40 Muscle

We’re back! The Double-Strength duo of Shawn and Scott with a brand-spanking-new episode.  And we’re fired up with this rock-solid new show…


  • Why Fat Loss Fails
  • The Power of a Positive Focus
  • Flow (in the ZONE) in Sports, Life and the Gym
  • Why thinking is the enemy of experience
  • Finding the true joy in every rep
  • To train or not to train when you’re sick

Listen for: “Nothing fucks flow up faster than thinking.”



How Much Muscle is Right For You?

M-U-S-C-L-E !!!

We love it. We admire it. We freak out at it… some times. But, as you know, muscle is more than image. Muscle is good for you. For your mind, your emotions, your overall health… it’s arguably the #1 factor in resisting the pressure of age.

Me… I am a BIG FAN of Muscle. But how much muscle is a personal choice. What’s right or realistic for you?


What’s amazing to some people is both of these physiques are the result of the SAME Training program…

The Hypertrophy MAX system.

We sometimes get the wrong idea about building muscle, even of how truly challenging it is. Hence the reason it is so coveted.  These two guys are both Pro’s in the chosen class of body-building. They are two smart and good men who have come together to put this HMAX system together.

Vince is an old (not that old but…) friend and a good man. Ben is one of the brightest bodybuilders ever. We’ve had him as a guest on The Kryptonite Report (Episode #30 – check it out) and he’s a smart, and very nice guy.

Explore the Hypertrophy MAX System while it’s OPEN (few days only)