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KR 56: The Happy, Healthy Holiday How To Finish Strong Show


How to Stop Freaking Out, Sabotaging Your Fitness and End The Year Leaner and Stronger Without Sacrifice!

We’re BACK!

Ho, Ho, Ho… We’re BACK Yes, it’s the Dynamic Duo, the original, the TAG TEAM of MUSCLE, Scott T. and myself, Shawn P.

Yes, we’re back with a show dedicated to the holidays, to your sanity, to finishing strong, to having fun and being festive. Yes, think of this as your license to do it all…to have it all.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Successful Holiday Season… No Compromise!

Share Below… How to You Excel in the Holidays?


TKR52: The Persecution of Dr. OZ, Fat Loss Miracles & A Question of Integrity in the Fitness Industry

In a much overdue and highly charged show, Scott and Shawn go straight to the HOT issue, the recent assault on Dr. Oz by Congress for his extreme and some say exaggerated claims of “Fat fighting Miracles.”

What’s the truth? Should Oz be burned at the stake or is he simply the scape goat for an industry and a people who have lost their way and are desperate to be saved from their own fork and spoon?

Dr Oz sees himself as a cheerleader.... ???
Dr Oz sees himself as a cheerleader…. ???

In this show …

  • How to Get Ground and Focus Yourself for a Workout Even when Life is Challenging
  • The Question of Integrity: How to Decipher Truth from Hype on Your Own
  • A call to fitness pros: Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re helping or hurting
  • How much muscle can you gain, regardless of what you are told?
  • Why you have to be your OWN ADVOCATE and how to Stop the Rise of OZ

Please share your thoughts, comments and questions below… and share the show!!


Episode 45: About Tom Venuto’s NY Times Bestseller, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle


Yes, we’re excited… Scott and I are thrilled to be hosting the one and only Tom Venuto and talk with him about his (soon to be) New York Times Bestseller, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

In the order of BIG TIME successful fitness books (not just cheesy diet books) the standards are Body for LIFE and The 4 Hour Body (a borderline fitness book, for it’s a beast of a different flavor)… This book is, and rightfully so, the most anticipated book of it’s kind in a decade and fully expected to have the sort of impact those books have enjoyed.

A few of the questions we slammed Tom with …

  • After a decade as The digital-e-book bestseller status, why publish the hardback?
  • What is your big audacious mission that keeps you driving?
  • Why is resistance training such an integral core of your philosophy?
  • What is “the bodybuilding lifestyle” (the truth) and why do people misunderstand it?
  • “Bodybuilding…isn’t that unhealthy?” — Great Question
  • Why “fat loss” trumps “weight loss” always…
  • Is bodybuilding lean 80% nutrition or ??
  • What is it that people who don’t have this book will miss?
  • Who is the IDEAL reader for this book?
  • What makes it such an effective, powerful and transformative system?
  • If one has and has lived Body for LIFE, what will this book offer them, specifically?


Scott and I recommend this book with five thumbs up!

It’s all systems go. We highly encourage you, your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, get this book and even more strongly we urge you to read it, practice it, live it.

There are not a lot of books or programs that I have ever been as freely enthusiastic and passionate about sharing. This book is “the bible” of fitness–nutrition and training. If you’re serious about living a leaner, fight and strong life or serious about getting serious about it, this is a book that you’re going own sooner or later and the sooner, the better for you.

Your Assignment to Support the Strength and Wellness of our Country; Grab your copy now. At least one, preferably 3 or more.

Get Your Copy TODAY (It’s casting your vote for Strength!)



Episode 43: About 3 Keys to Fat Loss and a Red Hot Metabolism with Dr. Tom

Our favorite almost regular, special guest, Dr. Tom Bilella, of the Nutrition Treatment Center is back to share some more real world, practical, proven methods for rejuvenating your body, turning your metabolism and energy back on and getting back to an all around kick-ass life.

In this dynamic, fast-paced show Tom talks:

  • Anti-aging medicine and the story of Telomeres (how we age or don’t)
  • The dangers of Overtraining
  • The revival of a Red Hot Fat Burning Metabolism: Why it’s the secret people keep forgetting
  • 3-Keys to Fat Loss
  • Patient-client stories of rapid reversal from the struggle with diabetes and belly fat…
  • The birth of the 12-Day ReBOOT (in Tom’s office)
  • Should you become a client of Tom?
tom bilella nutrition treatment center
The Guru is In


Episode 42: The One All About Scott’s New Training Focus and more…

It’s a NEW highly concentrated (25 minute) episode featuring your two favorite co-hosts, yes, that’s Shawn and Scott.

Today the show is ALL about Scott…and his exploration into training methods, his new Rumble-Roller and competing goals….and more:

  • Blood flow restriction training
  • Scott gets a Rumble-Roller
  • Competing goals – Getting Big and Getting Ripped
  • Scott’s first Full Force Experience

Need Your Own Rumble Roller? Yes, you do! Click Here to Get One

Here’s the Link to the Research on Blood Flow Restriction Training (we talked about)

Scott Scored a NEW Rumble-Roller!
Scott Scored a NEW Rumble-Roller!

Episode 38: About POWER EATING with Dr. Susan Kleiner

If I told you how great, how valuable, how rich in wisdom this show is—right here—your brain could not even grasp it.

Seriously, I could expire and go to Performance Hell now and be totally satisfied with my work here on earth after spending a hour with the one and only Master of Performance Nutrition, Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN.

What do we talk about? Well, for that you’re gonna have to listen but safe to say it’s what you absolutely, positively need to know. For sure. No punches, no BS, no myth, no crap… it’s the real deal.


NOW Please, if you’re a fitness professional, if you’re an athlete, if you’re a person who wants to live a leaner, lighter, stronger life… GO OUT and GRAB your COPY of this amazing LIFE’S WORK NOW.  Don’t think about it, agonize over it or even dwell for one second. Just DO IT. NOW. This is the truth, the wisdom, the guidance. This is what books are meant to be.

Here’s what I shared on Susan’s Facebook Page after the show…

“That was such a highlight… I so enjoy talking and learning from you. I just think this world of performance, of athletes and for that matter, human-beings, desperately need more of your wise, sound, scientific and grounded practical knowledge… this world of “fitness” is so full of extremes, of myth, of absolute “do’s and don’ts” that people become confused victims of it all… and yet, here’s this teacher, this guide, with the real experience, the real information who’s putting it into a book you can have and hold… and best of all apply to your life.

I think when you love challenging yourself, your body, your performance like you and I both do, the idea of being able to share this with people and help them achieve a better life is the best thing ever…And that is what so inspires me about talking with you and sharing your work. I want people to have this information, I want them to have the chance of getting better, stronger, leaner…whatever it is they want to do better.


Upcoming: Your Question About Eating for Muscle, Fat Loss, Energy, Performance, Strength with Dr. Susan Kleiner author POWER EATING

I’ve arranged an exclusive interview with one of the world’s foremost sports nutritionists, Dr. Susan M. Kleiner, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN

..and I am inviting you to ask her your ONE most pressing question about eating for power, performance, endurance, muscle, sports.

Dr. Kleiner is the author of seven books, including what is considered by many, “the Atlas Shrugged of nutrition,Power Eating—now in it’s FOURTH Edition.

The interview will be on The Kryptonite Report this week—but I’m doing it today. So, if you have a question you’d like to ask Dr. Kleiner about nutrition for performance in any realm, or really anything about nutrition and performance, please waste no time in entering your question in the COMMENT box.

susan kleiner Phd

I welcome you to leave your question, comment or random thought of abundance for Dr. Kleiner:


Episode 36: About The 6 Meals a Day Myth from Body for Life

6 Small Balanced Meals each day… was one of the major pillars of Body for Life success. Millions adopted it.

Then came the science that 6 meals doesn’t boost metabolism (in sedentary people, of course, whomever they are). And then there’s science showing 3 meals works better and some experts suggest one big meal and there was that guy in Kansas who lost weight eating junk food.

And of course, Mike Ryan talked about eating a big meal early, moderate meal later and small meal in the evening and whatever the hell he’s doing… well, take note because it’s looking like magic!

So, what’s the REAL answer? What do Scott and I adhere to?

What’s the best way to lose fat, add muscle, turn your body and metabolism on?

  • 6 Balanced “Body for Life” Meals
  • 3 Meals – Straight up
  • 3 Meals and a Great Nutrition Shake?
  • 1 Big Meal and eat whatever else you want
  • 3 major meals and 2 smaller snacks (Strength for Life style)
  • All of the Above / None of the Above

What’s the science say? What do we say? Listen in…

The Question is: How Many Meals Does She Eat?

Episode 35: The ONE About Our Return to Air, The Kryptonite Rule and More…

We’re back baby!

After a brief summer hiatus we’re back baby! Yep, Scott and Shawn together again… talking Strength, Life and how to bring up specific bodyparts.

In this live show we go behind the covers, inside the minds of Strength and fitness…of nutrition for a lean life.

  • The Myth of “Calories Don’t Matter Approach
  • “You can eat anything you want” : The Twisted Partial Truth
  • Should You Eat ONLY Full Strength for 14 days?
  • The Story of Soylent, the end of food!??
  • The Metabolic Masterpiece : Physique Phreak!
  • How executives and lawyers are using Full Strength to #WIN
  • How Scott was brought to his knees by a Pre-workout!
  • The #1 Rule of Kryptonite (hint: It always wins)



Episode 34: The ONE with The Guru Dr. Tom on Men’s Health and Vitality for Life

Dr Tom: Nutrition Treatment Center, Red Bank, NJ

This is a BRAND NEW show that I originally created exclusively for a private coaching group, the Platinum Group. But… alas, my freind “The Guru” (as he’s called by those who know him well) Dr. Tom is just too, too good. Thus, I had to share.

Why must you listen? Well, if you’re a man (okay, women will love it too), if you’ve seen your 34th birthday, if you wanna lose fat, if you wanna gain muscle… Dr. Tom talks:

  • the most common mistake in fat loss
  • how to revive testosterone, naturally
  • the truth about men and thyroid hormones
  • why you MUST ReBOOT Your Body at least 3x a year

Here’s the deal… stop f%$King around and take this good medicine. Listen…Most people are paying hundreds of dollars for a fraction of this much wisdom from the good doc.

And ultimately, I ask you, could you doctor do this?

37 reps of 315 lbs at 47 years of age!

That’s super-hero stuff there!

To connect with Doctor Tom contact the Nutrition Treatment Center.