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KR 53: The Myths of Functional Muscle, Old School is NEW Again, Training + Nutrition + Supplements for Over 40 Muscle

Writer, Blogger, Editor ( iron training, muscle building, over 40 all around good guy, Bryan Krahn talks with us about:

  • Functional Jerk-offs – the Myth of Iron and Functional Fitness
  • 3 Lifts You Should Stop doing Over 40
  • Do you need supplements?
  • How lifting iron can help you be more present in life
  • Bryan’s Start with EAS Canada
  • Where do you get REAL Reliable information these days
  • The epic days of Muscle Media 2000 and EAS

“The More I learn, the more old school I get.” Bryan

The more I learn the more OLD SCHOOL I get.
The more I learn the more OLD SCHOOL I get.

Listen for the quote of the show: “You don’t need pants but they are handy when you leave the house…”


Where do you get your information these days? Magazines? Youtube? Online? Newsletters? Where?? Tell us…


TKR52: The Persecution of Dr. OZ, Fat Loss Miracles & A Question of Integrity in the Fitness Industry

In a much overdue and highly charged show, Scott and Shawn go straight to the HOT issue, the recent assault on Dr. Oz by Congress for his extreme and some say exaggerated claims of “Fat fighting Miracles.”

What’s the truth? Should Oz be burned at the stake or is he simply the scape goat for an industry and a people who have lost their way and are desperate to be saved from their own fork and spoon?

Dr Oz sees himself as a cheerleader.... ???
Dr Oz sees himself as a cheerleader…. ???

In this show …

  • How to Get Ground and Focus Yourself for a Workout Even when Life is Challenging
  • The Question of Integrity: How to Decipher Truth from Hype on Your Own
  • A call to fitness pros: Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re helping or hurting
  • How much muscle can you gain, regardless of what you are told?
  • Why you have to be your OWN ADVOCATE and how to Stop the Rise of OZ

Please share your thoughts, comments and questions below… and share the show!!


Episode 39: About the Truth About Post-Workout Nutrition and The Mr. Olympia Weekend

In this Power-Packed episode, Scott and Shawn attack the often debated issue of Post-Workout Nutrition.

Is there a vital window? Must you have a protein or Nutrition shake? What should you eat and when?

Or, is it all just a bunch of hype you should forget?

Scott shares an important paper on from Alan Albert Aragon and Brad Jon Schoenfeld, Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?

We tell you what the science says, and then what we both practice and believe. This takes Scott into his experimenting with BCAA’s, and how he feels that’s working (or not).

And finally, Shawn shares his highlights (well, some of them) from last weekend’s Mr. Olympia weekend. A great time and great gathering of industry icons!

Lee Labrada Mr Olympia
Scott Welch Muscle Insiderolympiaphoto
Yes, the Olympia Weekend was jam packed energy and strength!


Episode 38: About POWER EATING with Dr. Susan Kleiner

If I told you how great, how valuable, how rich in wisdom this show is—right here—your brain could not even grasp it.

Seriously, I could expire and go to Performance Hell now and be totally satisfied with my work here on earth after spending a hour with the one and only Master of Performance Nutrition, Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN.

What do we talk about? Well, for that you’re gonna have to listen but safe to say it’s what you absolutely, positively need to know. For sure. No punches, no BS, no myth, no crap… it’s the real deal.


NOW Please, if you’re a fitness professional, if you’re an athlete, if you’re a person who wants to live a leaner, lighter, stronger life… GO OUT and GRAB your COPY of this amazing LIFE’S WORK NOW.  Don’t think about it, agonize over it or even dwell for one second. Just DO IT. NOW. This is the truth, the wisdom, the guidance. This is what books are meant to be.

Here’s what I shared on Susan’s Facebook Page after the show…

“That was such a highlight… I so enjoy talking and learning from you. I just think this world of performance, of athletes and for that matter, human-beings, desperately need more of your wise, sound, scientific and grounded practical knowledge… this world of “fitness” is so full of extremes, of myth, of absolute “do’s and don’ts” that people become confused victims of it all… and yet, here’s this teacher, this guide, with the real experience, the real information who’s putting it into a book you can have and hold… and best of all apply to your life.

I think when you love challenging yourself, your body, your performance like you and I both do, the idea of being able to share this with people and help them achieve a better life is the best thing ever…And that is what so inspires me about talking with you and sharing your work. I want people to have this information, I want them to have the chance of getting better, stronger, leaner…whatever it is they want to do better.


Episode 33: The Truth About Supplements (Fat Loss, Muscle, Health, Energy) with

If you take supplements, have every wondered if you should, if you’re missing something, this is your SHOW.

Today, Scott and I talk with the science geek behind the hot supplement knowledge,, Kurtis Frank. Trust me on this, while this show starts off a little SLOW, it gets rolling with some of the best reveals ever.

You’re going to be shocked by what he reveals, including:


  • The #1 Most Shocking Supplement Discovery He Made (and why this one “hippie crap” is now his favorite supplement)
  • The most vital and underused vitamin and, no, it’s not “D”
  • A NEW and POWERFUL Stimulant Free Fat-Burner (way good!)
  • Why the #1 Joint Supplement in the world is BS (and what does work)
  • How to get more energy in your cells, all day, every day (with a well known supplement)
  • The Truth About NO(2) and Nitric Oxide Supplements
  • and much more… it’s a great, show…

Hell, stick around just to hear Scott’s Reaction to Kurtis’ caffeine poison… (Classic!)

Want to get the FULL Story, in a lifetime free update, living, breathing dynamic book… check this master guide out now…


Episode 25: Get Focus Get Game Get Lean Get Going

The NEW Show is here..

Fitness Motivation Quote

The dynamic duo catches up on the latest happenings in the fitness world.

Listen in as we share…

  • The BEST fat burner… without the jitters.
  • About our “shitty” week.
  • Why you MUST “Get Game”
  • Physique goals for the Man On Top
  • Does your pre-workout ritual jack you up?

Download the mp3… enjoy… and share it with a friend…MP3 Download


Episode #8: The ONE About Ridicuously Amazing Sleep, Crossfit Competition and Gaining Muscle…

Welcome to Episode #8 of the Kryptonite Report! This weeks show is brought to you by the Letter-A.

Note that I left the pre-show commentary in this week because I enjoyed the laughter and trying to figure out if Tuesday has a feel, or not! Ha..

Highlights This Week:

  • Is Scott’s Body Fighting the Lean State?
  • Advice from Shawn About How to Get 6-Pack ABS
  • Performance Tools from Tom Terwilliger
  • Scott’s Amazing Ridiculous Sleep!
  • Enjoying a BINGE Day (better than FREE)
  • My first witness of a Crossfit Competition
  • The Shoulder Solution–can you avoid the pain?

Download the MP3 here

And yes, iTunes coming early next week! Booked it! Promise!


Episode #6: The ONE About Getting Ripped, Man in the Middle, Tiny Posing Trunks

We’re back with the latest news and notables in Muscle, Lifestyle and Strength… Here’s a glance at the key themes today

Success Rewards _____ (17:50) ?
What is Scott feeling very ODD about? (29:17)
People don’t buy “fitness” they buy _____ ? (42:32)

  • The Psychology of Getting Ripped
  • Beyond the “Genetic Freak”
  • The Man in the Middle: Making the 2nd Third Your Best
  • Scott: Aiming higher in my late 30′s
  • I feel like I’ve really found my stride in life
  • About Tiny posing trunks, shaving my body and skin care
  • The Metro-Lean-Man
  • Hall-of-Shame-Man: Chewy Gummy ONE-A-Day Vits for a Man (Oh the Horror)
  • Getting a WIN in LIFE
  • Q&A’s from Shawn’s Friends

MP3 Download


Episode #5: The ONE About Motivation and Getting Started

  • Top 5 Most Consumed Foods in US
  • New Science Fact: Meal Timing Matters
  • Q: What’s the most inspirational thing you’ve seen all week?
  • Scott’s cement weight collection and
  • How we got hooked on Strength
  • Why people struggle to find motivation. And how you can go from struggling to surfing the waves of strength too
  • The Shake Break…
  • Scott’s experience with a new shake
  • Full Strength’s superior and exclusive flavoring system. How it creates an experience like no other.
  • When to use a Foam Roller (like now)
  • Most Over-rated Supplement!

Download MP3 for Episode 5

Question of the Day: Is the MMA to WWF what Physique is becoming to Bodybuilding?

scott Tousignant first gym basement


Episode #4: The ONE About Zen Strength, Regeneration and Art

  • An deeper look at F.I.T. aka “The Zen of Strength”
  • The “Red Hot Bicep Marble” experience (do try this at home)
  • Q: What’s the Right Amount of Time to Train?
  • Training like painting is an art. Why make it a race?
  • The Shake Break: What happened when I tried to replace Full Strength?
  • John Allen Mollenhauer on Embracing Fatigue and Regeneration
  • Is Baking Soda the new creatine?>
  • Creatine for Sleep Deprivation !!/li>
  • The Natural Cycle of Your Relationship with Supplements (see graph)
  • It’s like a marriage, ups, down and disappointment (then total bliss)
  • Q&A : How many carbs after workout to NOT lower my “T”? (asks a 39 year old man)

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