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KR 57: American Sniper Training

thumbnail_19703Watching the movie, American Sniper, was quite an experience. Intense, moving and heartbreaking. Cooper is amazing in his portrayal of Chris Kyle and Clint Eastwood, masterful as usual.

Yet, me, my mind kept tracking to the questions:

  • How does a SEAL get through that training and testing?
  • How strong are these guys, really?
  • What does a day in the life of a sniper look like?
  • How do these guys stay in shape? What is their training?
  • How and what do they eat?

You know, all that stuff that few other were thinking about. Ah, but now that you think about it, some pretty interesting questions. Right?Bradley+Cooper+Bradley+Cooper+Gets+Visit+Girlfriend+PPCFtC01XOLl

Once out of the movie, I contacted my buddy, Nate Morrison, elite military trainer, specialist, multi-decade veteran, medic, mountain assault specialist and one of the founders at RIKR Performance. RIKR is an elite military performance training company.

At 19:08 Nate shares some vital wisdom on how you can learn to handle whatever is going in your life. How to stay sane when the world is crazy and not to loose you sh$% when it hits the fan. Very important stuff! Do Listen!

I wanted to learn what it was really like, get the texture that only an insider could know. And I thought you might wanna know too. So that is precisely what Nate gives us in this episode. He talks about the days, the nights, the food, the MRE’s, chow halls, the mobile (and not so mobile) gyms. He offers some texture to the trauma, and how a warrior handles the situation with as much grace as possible. As usual with Nate, I get more than I plan for. He’s a wealth of experience and knowledge–and he has the smarts and personality to share it with courage and color. Nate Flt Suit Face Pic

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is one of my favorite shows to date. I learned a lot and gained in my appreciation and understanding of not just the training, health and wellness but the importance of training, the emotional well-being and how we can all learn to better handle stress and pressure of our daily lives.

Previous Episodes with Nate Morrison: Episode 49: Combat Conditioning and Staying Alive 

Please, remove your hats, sit back and enjoy this hour.

I Ask Only 2 Things of You

Of course, as this show is FREE to you, I ask only 2 things of you if you enjoyed it half as much as I did.

1. Comment: Tell Nate and I what you liked most. Ask questions that we forgot to cover. Share your own experience.

2. Take a look at Nate’s World Class Programs: Combat Conditioning, Combat Nutrition and The Ultimate Training Journal.

Like all things Nate does, these are quality programs from a committed master. You may or may not be ready for warrior training but each of these will give you new information, new motivation and challenge you to step up your strength game.

RKIR-performancePlease Share Your Comments and Questions Below:


Episode 55: Muscle and Endurance with Strength Runner Dave Gluhareff

In this latest episode Super-trainer, athlete, proves that you can go LONG and go STRONG.

Breaking through the limiting beliefs of muscle or endurance, extreme athlete, former fat-kid, and now ultra-extreme-endurance athlete, Dave Gluhareff, known as Strength Runner, shares his amazing life and stories to inspire you to reach your best.

Dave-G-srunnerIn the late 1990’s David Gluhareff lost over 100 pounds.

Dave became a Certified Personal Trainer with the ISSA and began his career. As a Personal Trainer, Dave has been helping people take charge of their physiques to help them feel, look, and move better through life.  Dave specializes in Training “busy professional men” to lose weight or gain weight.

Dave also makes his living as a health and fitness writer and speaker. Topics Dave cover’s includes Obesity, Exercise, Rest, Nutrition, Stress Relief, Flexibility, Strength Training, Range of Motion, Bodybuilding, Strength, Celebrity Fitness Interviews, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Motivation, Fitness for Seniors, and Inspiration.

Listen in for the closing 5 minutes as Dave answers…

The 5 Questions of Fitness

  1. What is your favorite workout / bodypart to train? Why?
  2. What is the myth (aka lie) about fitness / weight loss that bothers you most?
  3. If you were given ONE last meal what would it be?
  4. What person in your life is most influential in supporting your pursuit of fitness?
  5. If you could have ONE wish granted to most positively affect obesity what would that wish be?

Dave is an easy person to like and easy to know. I really enjoy his passion, energy and honesty. He’s a great example of what this industry of wellness and health is realy, truly all about. He is just good for the industry and every person who gets the chance to connect with him.

And if you need a lift, have him tell you about one of his ultra-races. Wooo.. Crazy stuff! Strong…


KR 53: The Myths of Functional Muscle, Old School is NEW Again, Training + Nutrition + Supplements for Over 40 Muscle

Writer, Blogger, Editor ( iron training, muscle building, over 40 all around good guy, Bryan Krahn talks with us about:

  • Functional Jerk-offs – the Myth of Iron and Functional Fitness
  • 3 Lifts You Should Stop doing Over 40
  • Do you need supplements?
  • How lifting iron can help you be more present in life
  • Bryan’s Start with EAS Canada
  • Where do you get REAL Reliable information these days
  • The epic days of Muscle Media 2000 and EAS

“The More I learn, the more old school I get.” Bryan

The more I learn the more OLD SCHOOL I get.
The more I learn the more OLD SCHOOL I get.

Listen for the quote of the show: “You don’t need pants but they are handy when you leave the house…”


Where do you get your information these days? Magazines? Youtube? Online? Newsletters? Where?? Tell us…


Episode 50: Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Ultimate Performance


In this latest Episode I welcome the Super-Human, Biohacking, Ultimate Performance Athlete Ben Greenfield.

In this mind-bending, no-bullshit, performance, life-hack show we talk about Ben’s NEW BOOK, Beyond Training and Ben shares a load of insider tips about how he lives a stress-free life while seeking the ultimate in human performance.beyond-training-book

My favorite question–made by his answer–was, “When was the last time you hit the wall during a race and absolutely wanted to quit, stop, collapse? And what did you do?”

  • From Bodybuilding to Extreme Endurance
  • What is the toughest physical challenge?
  • What the hell is Bio-hacking and what does it teach us?
  • Ben’s 6 months of 90% fat diet for performance (why?)
  • How to go longer, stronger
  • How to make more time in your day, easily
  • Ketones–burning more fat per minute (ketosis)
  • Nooptropics–cognitive performance and it’s role in anti-aging
  • Biofeedback, getting sleep, cutting stress, mediation
  • Journaling, using Ever-Note effectively…
  • and other hacks for time, performance and bliss!

Episode 45: About Tom Venuto’s NY Times Bestseller, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle


Yes, we’re excited… Scott and I are thrilled to be hosting the one and only Tom Venuto and talk with him about his (soon to be) New York Times Bestseller, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

In the order of BIG TIME successful fitness books (not just cheesy diet books) the standards are Body for LIFE and The 4 Hour Body (a borderline fitness book, for it’s a beast of a different flavor)… This book is, and rightfully so, the most anticipated book of it’s kind in a decade and fully expected to have the sort of impact those books have enjoyed.

A few of the questions we slammed Tom with …

  • After a decade as The digital-e-book bestseller status, why publish the hardback?
  • What is your big audacious mission that keeps you driving?
  • Why is resistance training such an integral core of your philosophy?
  • What is “the bodybuilding lifestyle” (the truth) and why do people misunderstand it?
  • “Bodybuilding…isn’t that unhealthy?” — Great Question
  • Why “fat loss” trumps “weight loss” always…
  • Is bodybuilding lean 80% nutrition or ??
  • What is it that people who don’t have this book will miss?
  • Who is the IDEAL reader for this book?
  • What makes it such an effective, powerful and transformative system?
  • If one has and has lived Body for LIFE, what will this book offer them, specifically?


Scott and I recommend this book with five thumbs up!

It’s all systems go. We highly encourage you, your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, get this book and even more strongly we urge you to read it, practice it, live it.

There are not a lot of books or programs that I have ever been as freely enthusiastic and passionate about sharing. This book is “the bible” of fitness–nutrition and training. If you’re serious about living a leaner, fight and strong life or serious about getting serious about it, this is a book that you’re going own sooner or later and the sooner, the better for you.

Your Assignment to Support the Strength and Wellness of our Country; Grab your copy now. At least one, preferably 3 or more.

Get Your Copy TODAY (It’s casting your vote for Strength!)



Episode 39: About the Truth About Post-Workout Nutrition and The Mr. Olympia Weekend

In this Power-Packed episode, Scott and Shawn attack the often debated issue of Post-Workout Nutrition.

Is there a vital window? Must you have a protein or Nutrition shake? What should you eat and when?

Or, is it all just a bunch of hype you should forget?

Scott shares an important paper on from Alan Albert Aragon and Brad Jon Schoenfeld, Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?

We tell you what the science says, and then what we both practice and believe. This takes Scott into his experimenting with BCAA’s, and how he feels that’s working (or not).

And finally, Shawn shares his highlights (well, some of them) from last weekend’s Mr. Olympia weekend. A great time and great gathering of industry icons!

Lee Labrada Mr Olympia
Scott Welch Muscle Insiderolympiaphoto
Yes, the Olympia Weekend was jam packed energy and strength!


Episode 38: About POWER EATING with Dr. Susan Kleiner

If I told you how great, how valuable, how rich in wisdom this show is—right here—your brain could not even grasp it.

Seriously, I could expire and go to Performance Hell now and be totally satisfied with my work here on earth after spending a hour with the one and only Master of Performance Nutrition, Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN.

What do we talk about? Well, for that you’re gonna have to listen but safe to say it’s what you absolutely, positively need to know. For sure. No punches, no BS, no myth, no crap… it’s the real deal.


NOW Please, if you’re a fitness professional, if you’re an athlete, if you’re a person who wants to live a leaner, lighter, stronger life… GO OUT and GRAB your COPY of this amazing LIFE’S WORK NOW.  Don’t think about it, agonize over it or even dwell for one second. Just DO IT. NOW. This is the truth, the wisdom, the guidance. This is what books are meant to be.

Here’s what I shared on Susan’s Facebook Page after the show…

“That was such a highlight… I so enjoy talking and learning from you. I just think this world of performance, of athletes and for that matter, human-beings, desperately need more of your wise, sound, scientific and grounded practical knowledge… this world of “fitness” is so full of extremes, of myth, of absolute “do’s and don’ts” that people become confused victims of it all… and yet, here’s this teacher, this guide, with the real experience, the real information who’s putting it into a book you can have and hold… and best of all apply to your life.

I think when you love challenging yourself, your body, your performance like you and I both do, the idea of being able to share this with people and help them achieve a better life is the best thing ever…And that is what so inspires me about talking with you and sharing your work. I want people to have this information, I want them to have the chance of getting better, stronger, leaner…whatever it is they want to do better.


Iron Mike’s How to Look Great Naked After 40

{{ Language ALERT | We (aka ME) Got a Little Case of Foul Mouth | You’ve been warned }}

In this episode Mike and I break down the 7 Primary Laws for Looking Great NAKED Over 40.

Now, in case anyone is confused, this is NO small feat. This is serious business and as we point out, the first rule to looking great naked over 40 is, “Get to Looking Good!”

Funny? Sort of but this is serious. And this thing called Sculpting a Strong Physique is serious business–especially the way “Iron Mike” approaches it.

And if there is a Secret to looking as lean and fit as Mike does at 47, he clearly, reveals it early in the show. Listen in and see if you can pick up on the #1 reason Mike has been able to not just age gracefully but grow leaner, stronger and better with age.

Chip Kelly Philidelphia Eagles Offense



Episode 33: The Truth About Supplements (Fat Loss, Muscle, Health, Energy) with

If you take supplements, have every wondered if you should, if you’re missing something, this is your SHOW.

Today, Scott and I talk with the science geek behind the hot supplement knowledge,, Kurtis Frank. Trust me on this, while this show starts off a little SLOW, it gets rolling with some of the best reveals ever.

You’re going to be shocked by what he reveals, including:


  • The #1 Most Shocking Supplement Discovery He Made (and why this one “hippie crap” is now his favorite supplement)
  • The most vital and underused vitamin and, no, it’s not “D”
  • A NEW and POWERFUL Stimulant Free Fat-Burner (way good!)
  • Why the #1 Joint Supplement in the world is BS (and what does work)
  • How to get more energy in your cells, all day, every day (with a well known supplement)
  • The Truth About NO(2) and Nitric Oxide Supplements
  • and much more… it’s a great, show…

Hell, stick around just to hear Scott’s Reaction to Kurtis’ caffeine poison… (Classic!)

Want to get the FULL Story, in a lifetime free update, living, breathing dynamic book… check this master guide out now…


Episode #19: The ONE About How Winnie the Pooh Gets 6 Pack ABS

This is a great show… And here’s YOUR Assignment: Listen to the show and share your TOP 4 Highlights! That’s how we get “paid”… you do the listening and we’ll do that talking. Hummm…


What you can Learn About Strength from a Stuffed Bear