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Mastery and Surrender



KR 56: The Happy, Healthy Holiday How To Finish Strong Show


How to Stop Freaking Out, Sabotaging Your Fitness and End The Year Leaner and Stronger Without Sacrifice!

We’re BACK!

Ho, Ho, Ho… We’re BACK Yes, it’s the Dynamic Duo, the original, the TAG TEAM of MUSCLE, Scott T. and myself, Shawn P.

Yes, we’re back with a show dedicated to the holidays, to your sanity, to finishing strong, to having fun and being festive. Yes, think of this as your license to do it all…to have it all.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Successful Holiday Season… No Compromise!

Share Below… How to You Excel in the Holidays?


When You Stop Chasing Fit, Fit Will Chase You


A lean, strong, sexy, amazing, powerful, impressive, confident version of yourself is coming. You deserve it, want it… Hell, you need it.

It’s going to feel great. Right.

This is the good goal, the vision, the right thing. But there’s a problem with this seemingly loving goal. A hitch in the proverbial “get along.”

What? What could that possibly be?

Well, the problem is that underneath that inspiring goal is the clearly encoded message that what, who and where you are right now is not enough, simply “wrong.” That who you are is not all these things and you have to do something, gain something, become someone else to be worthy of all that goodness you desire.

We make ourselves bad, wrong, to be better. That’s the fuel. “You suck! Now stand up straight.,” is the message most of received in self-leadership and motivation.

Hence, we believe pain and suffering is our due until we get where we want to be, so we can be free of this feeling. For, then we will have earned the goodness, riches and fame.

So, let’s look at this. You’re in pain on some level and that pain should continue or intensify until you get that which will relieve you of pain–so you imagine. “The suffering shall continue until the body improves.”

Bullshit I Say, Bullshit!

This story is absolute utter bullshit. It’s a recipe for pain and suffering as a way of life. If we are suffering, on some level, with a story we are not enough that story doesn’t get released when we get that which we want. It gets dulled for short while. It gets covered up. The ego gets to pretend it’s won and play hero. But the pain continues, the agony intensifies and we keep cycling around and around. We get better, get unfit, feel disconnected, chase a dream and on we go until we die.

Heads your fat, tails your fit… ever consider that it’s the same coin that keeps getting flipped–the same self-condemnation cycle that gets you chasing (even achieving) fitness, that got you fat in the first place.

Whole Perfect and Complete

What if you don’t have to suffer for love, for joy, for acceptance? What if you can love yourself, the you which is not your body, as you are and embrace your body, in full light and compassion and love.

What if getting fitter is a choice made from a place of love and compassion? What if you get to stop the “running from” and “running to” and see what being is like. And from being, you freely choose a different level of being, physically.

Imagine the energy that might come back to you. The fuel you will have access to when you no longer have to cycle the story of pain and suffering.

The act of letting this story go is not another doing but of surrender. It’s the letting go, the ceasing, the complete surrender to the pain and story–such that it washes over you like waves of the ocean and you are carried by the current, not crafting another “good enough” hero challenge.

It’s letting go. Surrender.

Any damned fool can eat better when a gun is pointed at them but only a free man can eat healthier when no one is looking. And free means free from pain, free from story, free from good and bad. So that even the healthy food is not a “good meal” or a “cheat meal” but a meal I choose to support who I am. It’s nutrition aligned with my expression of being.

The simple and absolute truth is that you, right now, just as you are, whole, perfect and complete. There is not a thing you have to do, need to do to be any better, higher or more lovable expression of you.

When you can let that in you will find in that truth the power and strength you’ve been missing in the chasing and running to be enough. Life from a position of strength, from a center that is grounded in truth and being is an unfair advantage in this world of fear and lack. It’s like turning the light in a room of your soul that has been dark for as long as you can recall and discovering that is held an infinite source of energy and strength.

You are not your body. Your body is not you. You are whole, perfect and complete. And from that place, from your center of strength and power which resides through the gateway of surrender you will be free to choose how you want to manifest your body. Freely, joyfully, without suffering.

When, as T.S. Eliot says, we “arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” you may, as many have, find that fitness is not something you have to go chasing after. That fitness is actually the authentic, organic expression of who you are. And rather than rules and guides, structures, plans and guru’s you are free and fit, at the same time. Free to eat what you want and it happens that that want is healthy. Free to do what you desire but the desire is for life, energy and strength.

Thus, I suggest that when you find your center your fitness will be there waiting to great you.

Strong travels. May your journey but joyous and effort free.


Episode 48: The Owners MANual to Living Your 40′s at Full Strength (Part 1)

Welcome to PART 1 of The OWNERS MANual to Living Your 40′s at Full Strength with my Guest Host Dean Jackson (host of I Love Marketing Podcast among others).

The book contains The 12 Essential Life Hacks for Making Your 40′s Your Best Decade Ever. This episode hold the Life Hack 1-6. Enjoy!

(The Link Access to Part 2 Will be Here Next Week)


Here’s an Article (About the Book) Why a Man’s Life Changes at 40


Episode 44: The ONE About Iron, Real Gyms, Unapologetic Muscle Building and The 52 Million Pound Challenge

It’s your favorite Strength Duo, Scott and Shawn back for a NEW Episode. This may be one of our most passionate, energized shows to date as Scott and I talk about our shared love for Iron and what really makes it all such great pleasure.

I also talk about a recent trip to New York with my friend John Rowley, supporting his 52-Million Pound Challenge and…

  • One of America’s Last Great Gyms (Dens of Iron): Strong & Shapely Gym, in NJ
  • Breakfast and Burn the Fat with Tom Venuto
  • Who is Scott’s Ideal client (Listen in… is it you?)
  • Dinner with JAM, aka John Allen Mollenhauer and a bowl of broccoli
  • The Dr. Steve show (Dr. Steve loves to train!)
  • The resurgence of Bodybuilding: Is it growing again?
  • The pros and cons of Physique and those damned shorts!
  • The really cheesy fitness sales videos and do you get duped?
  • Women and Big Iron: What a powerful stimuli

Oh hell… so much richness in this one…. Do not miss it



Episode 39: About the Truth About Post-Workout Nutrition and The Mr. Olympia Weekend

In this Power-Packed episode, Scott and Shawn attack the often debated issue of Post-Workout Nutrition.

Is there a vital window? Must you have a protein or Nutrition shake? What should you eat and when?

Or, is it all just a bunch of hype you should forget?

Scott shares an important paper on from Alan Albert Aragon and Brad Jon Schoenfeld, Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?

We tell you what the science says, and then what we both practice and believe. This takes Scott into his experimenting with BCAA’s, and how he feels that’s working (or not).

And finally, Shawn shares his highlights (well, some of them) from last weekend’s Mr. Olympia weekend. A great time and great gathering of industry icons!

Lee Labrada Mr Olympia
Scott Welch Muscle Insiderolympiaphoto
Yes, the Olympia Weekend was jam packed energy and strength!


Episode 38: About POWER EATING with Dr. Susan Kleiner

If I told you how great, how valuable, how rich in wisdom this show is—right here—your brain could not even grasp it.

Seriously, I could expire and go to Performance Hell now and be totally satisfied with my work here on earth after spending a hour with the one and only Master of Performance Nutrition, Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN.

What do we talk about? Well, for that you’re gonna have to listen but safe to say it’s what you absolutely, positively need to know. For sure. No punches, no BS, no myth, no crap… it’s the real deal.


NOW Please, if you’re a fitness professional, if you’re an athlete, if you’re a person who wants to live a leaner, lighter, stronger life… GO OUT and GRAB your COPY of this amazing LIFE’S WORK NOW.  Don’t think about it, agonize over it or even dwell for one second. Just DO IT. NOW. This is the truth, the wisdom, the guidance. This is what books are meant to be.

Here’s what I shared on Susan’s Facebook Page after the show…

“That was such a highlight… I so enjoy talking and learning from you. I just think this world of performance, of athletes and for that matter, human-beings, desperately need more of your wise, sound, scientific and grounded practical knowledge… this world of “fitness” is so full of extremes, of myth, of absolute “do’s and don’ts” that people become confused victims of it all… and yet, here’s this teacher, this guide, with the real experience, the real information who’s putting it into a book you can have and hold… and best of all apply to your life.

I think when you love challenging yourself, your body, your performance like you and I both do, the idea of being able to share this with people and help them achieve a better life is the best thing ever…And that is what so inspires me about talking with you and sharing your work. I want people to have this information, I want them to have the chance of getting better, stronger, leaner…whatever it is they want to do better.


Episode 36: About The 6 Meals a Day Myth from Body for Life

6 Small Balanced Meals each day… was one of the major pillars of Body for Life success. Millions adopted it.

Then came the science that 6 meals doesn’t boost metabolism (in sedentary people, of course, whomever they are). And then there’s science showing 3 meals works better and some experts suggest one big meal and there was that guy in Kansas who lost weight eating junk food.

And of course, Mike Ryan talked about eating a big meal early, moderate meal later and small meal in the evening and whatever the hell he’s doing… well, take note because it’s looking like magic!

So, what’s the REAL answer? What do Scott and I adhere to?

What’s the best way to lose fat, add muscle, turn your body and metabolism on?

  • 6 Balanced “Body for Life” Meals
  • 3 Meals – Straight up
  • 3 Meals and a Great Nutrition Shake?
  • 1 Big Meal and eat whatever else you want
  • 3 major meals and 2 smaller snacks (Strength for Life style)
  • All of the Above / None of the Above

What’s the science say? What do we say? Listen in…

The Question is: How Many Meals Does She Eat?

Episode 22: The ONE About The Right Thing, Mind-Muscle Focus and Scott’s Favorite Number

It’s The Kryptonite Report Episode No. 22… WOO HOOOOOOO…

  • Reviving Your Fitness as Celebration of Spring
  • How to Succeed in the Biggest Goals
  • Getting Unstuck when you can’t find your way
  • The Power of “The NExt Right Thing”
  • Focus and the Mind-Muscle Connect
  • Mindful Strength Training for Real Muscle
  • Reflections on Nia Shanks and how Simple Sane Approach
  • “Whoever thought a Nutrition Shake could change my life” story
  • and more, more…. MORE!
Zane was a Pioneer in Body-Mind “Zen of Strength” Training

MP3 Download Here


Expert: Beautiful Badass Nia Shanks Reveals How To Truly Lift Like A Girl

Nia ShanksThis is truly a special treat… a female perspective on strength from the Beautiful Badass Nia Shanks.

Nia is incredibly passionate about strength and a leader in the “Lift Like A Girl” revolution.

As you can see, Nia wears an “S” on her chest. She’s lifting the world by empowering women to become the best version of themselves… both inside and out.

This sense of empowerment and feelings of confidence through weight training could not be put more simply and profound, than in her words, “I train to be AWESOME!”

I love it! …and I’m certain that you will love this episode of the Kryptonite Report.

Throughout this lively conversation, Nia reveals…

  • Her thoughts on tiny pink dumbbells and the bulky myth
  • The mindset shift from mainstream fitness to training training like a BADASS!
  • The power of presence and mindfulness while you train
  • How to EARN the right to perform isolation exercises
  • What a typical training day looks like for Nia Shanks
  • Why you need to OWN where you are at right NOW!
  • The beauty of simplifying and enjoying the process

Learn more about Nia and lifting like a girl to become a Beautiful Badass by visiting www.NiaShanks.com

MP3 Download