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KR 54: Life, Death, Love, Money and The Resilience Guy

bill-crash-feb-2011A decade ago, Bill was just an average guy living the 1% life. Married, two great boys, a business that was rocking. It was all systems go…So he believed as he stepped on stage to receive his award for the 40 Under 40, recognizing the winners in the world.


Bill Gaining Strength

It’s what happened next…Then next, and next that has earned Bill the title of, “The Resilience Guy.” From the collapse of his business, end of his 17 year marriage, and a near death experience…Bill proves it’s not what happens to you but what you do with what happens that matters.

Now, nearing the half century mark, Bill is living the life most men would dare to dream about. It’s a simpler life, less stuff and more meaning. He’s stronger, leaner and more energized–and looks a decade younger than he did a decade ago.

Men, enjoy Bill’s story but listen to the wisdom and listen to your own heart. This is a story about winning, losing, heart break, love, near death and any man, yes you, can learn to flex, flow and conquer every obstacle that gets in your way.

You’ll laugh, you’ll squirm, you’ll celebrate and you’ll feel the strength of knowing what YOU too can do with less then nothing, when the decks are stacked against you…and how to surrender into your strength and come out swinging.. and win.



Episode 51: The Zen of Strength – Mindful Muscle and Meditation

“Weight training is boring!” the masses complain. Ah, but it is nothing but your experience and thus the boring is never out there, but in you.

What is the difference between the effortless ecstasy of a flow state of effective training and the boring, painful, dutiful drudgery of going through the motions of exercise? Listen in to this episode and find out how you can get into the ZONE, the deeply enjoyable Zen of Strength state.

Much like the state of FLOW, reaching this nirvana of synchronicity of body, mind and spirit is anything but an accident. With some specific anchors and practices that are found in Focus Intensity Training (F.I.T.) focus, flow and freedom can be yours.

And guess what? Yep, it’s as good for your mind as your body. Meditation, the gateway to mindfulness, need not be reserved for the cushion. The muscle building art of lifting iron hold a unique capacity for reaching a deep, focused, mindful and meditation state. Try it some time…

But first, listen in and learn why, how and what you can do next…

Meditation guru, Jon Kabat-Zinn, says, Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”


Episode 50: Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Ultimate Performance


In this latest Episode I welcome the Super-Human, Biohacking, Ultimate Performance Athlete Ben Greenfield.

In this mind-bending, no-bullshit, performance, life-hack show we talk about Ben’s NEW BOOK, Beyond Training and Ben shares a load of insider tips about how he lives a stress-free life while seeking the ultimate in human performance.beyond-training-book

My favorite question–made by his answer–was, “When was the last time you hit the wall during a race and absolutely wanted to quit, stop, collapse? And what did you do?”

  • From Bodybuilding to Extreme Endurance
  • What is the toughest physical challenge?
  • What the hell is Bio-hacking and what does it teach us?
  • Ben’s 6 months of 90% fat diet for performance (why?)
  • How to go longer, stronger
  • How to make more time in your day, easily
  • Ketones–burning more fat per minute (ketosis)
  • Nooptropics–cognitive performance and it’s role in anti-aging
  • Biofeedback, getting sleep, cutting stress, mediation
  • Journaling, using Ever-Note effectively…
  • and other hacks for time, performance and bliss!

Episode 47: The Rise of Over 40 Muscle

We’re back! The Double-Strength duo of Shawn and Scott with a brand-spanking-new episode.  And we’re fired up with this rock-solid new show…


  • Why Fat Loss Fails
  • The Power of a Positive Focus
  • Flow (in the ZONE) in Sports, Life and the Gym
  • Why thinking is the enemy of experience
  • Finding the true joy in every rep
  • To train or not to train when you’re sick

Listen for: “Nothing fucks flow up faster than thinking.”



How Much Muscle is Right For You?

M-U-S-C-L-E !!!

We love it. We admire it. We freak out at it… some times. But, as you know, muscle is more than image. Muscle is good for you. For your mind, your emotions, your overall health… it’s arguably the #1 factor in resisting the pressure of age.

Me… I am a BIG FAN of Muscle. But how much muscle is a personal choice. What’s right or realistic for you?


What’s amazing to some people is both of these physiques are the result of the SAME Training program…

The Hypertrophy MAX system.

We sometimes get the wrong idea about building muscle, even of how truly challenging it is. Hence the reason it is so coveted.  These two guys are both Pro’s in the chosen class of body-building. They are two smart and good men who have come together to put this HMAX system together.

Vince is an old (not that old but…) friend and a good man. Ben is one of the brightest bodybuilders ever. We’ve had him as a guest on The Kryptonite Report (Episode #30 – check it out) and he’s a smart, and very nice guy.

Explore the Hypertrophy MAX System while it’s OPEN (few days only)


Episode 44: The ONE About Iron, Real Gyms, Unapologetic Muscle Building and The 52 Million Pound Challenge

It’s your favorite Strength Duo, Scott and Shawn back for a NEW Episode. This may be one of our most passionate, energized shows to date as Scott and I talk about our shared love for Iron and what really makes it all such great pleasure.

I also talk about a recent trip to New York with my friend John Rowley, supporting his 52-Million Pound Challenge and…

  • One of America’s Last Great Gyms (Dens of Iron): Strong & Shapely Gym, in NJ
  • Breakfast and Burn the Fat with Tom Venuto
  • Who is Scott’s Ideal client (Listen in… is it you?)
  • Dinner with JAM, aka John Allen Mollenhauer and a bowl of broccoli
  • The Dr. Steve show (Dr. Steve loves to train!)
  • The resurgence of Bodybuilding: Is it growing again?
  • The pros and cons of Physique and those damned shorts!
  • The really cheesy fitness sales videos and do you get duped?
  • Women and Big Iron: What a powerful stimuli

Oh hell… so much richness in this one…. Do not miss it



Iron Mike’s How to Look Great Naked After 40

{{ Language ALERT | We (aka ME) Got a Little Case of Foul Mouth | You’ve been warned }}

In this episode Mike and I break down the 7 Primary Laws for Looking Great NAKED Over 40.

Now, in case anyone is confused, this is NO small feat. This is serious business and as we point out, the first rule to looking great naked over 40 is, “Get to Looking Good!”

Funny? Sort of but this is serious. And this thing called Sculpting a Strong Physique is serious business–especially the way “Iron Mike” approaches it.

And if there is a Secret to looking as lean and fit as Mike does at 47, he clearly, reveals it early in the show. Listen in and see if you can pick up on the #1 reason Mike has been able to not just age gracefully but grow leaner, stronger and better with age.

Chip Kelly Philidelphia Eagles Offense



Episode 26: The ONE with Big Dave DePew of Grinder Gym

This week’s Expert Guest is Big Dave DePew of Grinder Gym, San Diego.

Dave has been responsible for more famous success stories than perhaps even my bro, Bill. How? He’s been the behind the scenes expert trainer for dozens of top infomercial fitness programs. It was his job to find the people, and take them through the protocol and deliver the stories that people want to see.

big dave depew grinder gym

Dave and I talk…

  • Dave’s driving passion for fitness
  • Dave’s evolution from pure iron to hybrid and crossfit
  • Recreating Dave as 40 nears
  • The culture of fitness : why it matters
  • Dave’s radical fat loss approach
  • Crab depleted dieting: pros, cons, what works
  • The future of the Big Box Gyms (hint: It may be the past)
  • Difference between accepting and “giving up”
  • Living your best life with aspirations and acceptance
  • When’s the best time for Full Strength!

Check out the Grinder Gym for Programs, Challenges and Dave’s 6×6 Protocol!


Man on Top: Joe Stumpf Conquers SEALFIT Hellweek and Crossfit at 50+ : Part-2

One Inspiring Warrior is Joe Stumpf
One Inspiring Warrior is Joe Stumpf

Joe Stumpf is quite easily one of the most fascinating men I’ve ever met. He’s solid, sound, informed, awake and at once, driven and relaxed in his life and being.

He is truly the epitome of “The Man on Top” of Life. If you’re a man who is in or plans on doing the middle third at Full Strength, with grace and grit, listen to this interview, take notes, enjoy, laugh and listen in for the closing question, “So, Super Joe, what’s your Kryptonite?”

See if you might be able to guess in advance. I can tell you, Joe’s got nothing to hide, and that’s great.

Thanks Joe! Awesome Time! (Part 1 of this Brilliant Discussion Here)


From Low to Strong-T with Dr. Jeffrey Life

Dr. Life is the most well known face of Hormone Replacement Therapy–or better yet, optimal living–on the planet earth. A former Body for LIFE Grand Champion, Dr. Life is a long time freind and respected leader in the world of optimal living. With one BESTSETLLING book and another on this way in a few months, literally hundreds of TV and magazine appearances–including 60 Minutes–Dr. Life is quite literally world famous for his YOUTH, not age.

Dr Life on…

  • Great Energy Strength at any age
  • Great Sex and Masculine energy
  • The Crisis of Testosterone and why the world hates it
  • Body for LIFE and Strength
  • How and Why Insulin Control is JOB #1
  • End of age related disease
  • The DOWNSIDE of Testosterone
  • LOW-T and the HIGH POINT
  • GETTING Your T straight!
  • The Typical T Replacement man
  • When Working Out is NOT Working Out
  • The Big Belly Issue

Dr Life Cenagenics LOW T testosterone

Dr. Life is the leading HRT Doc in the world and you can find him at the world’s foremost clinic of youth, CENGEGENICS, in Las Vegas.

One thing that strikes me when I’m sitting and just chatting with “Jeff” is that his age is wrong. Here he is, 75, or there about, and every single cell in my body-mind tells me without doubt he’s about 38… not just that he looks so fit, strong and vibrant but even more so that his mind, energy and vitality is so strong… he’s alive…busy living. It’s simply wonderful, really.

Here’s Dr. Life’s BOOK… The LIFE PLAN
It’s great…truly great.



Download MP3 Here