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KR 57: American Sniper Training

thumbnail_19703Watching the movie, American Sniper, was quite an experience. Intense, moving and heartbreaking. Cooper is amazing in his portrayal of Chris Kyle and Clint Eastwood, masterful as usual.

Yet, me, my mind kept tracking to the questions:

  • How does a SEAL get through that training and testing?
  • How strong are these guys, really?
  • What does a day in the life of a sniper look like?
  • How do these guys stay in shape? What is their training?
  • How and what do they eat?

You know, all that stuff that few other were thinking about. Ah, but now that you think about it, some pretty interesting questions. Right?Bradley+Cooper+Bradley+Cooper+Gets+Visit+Girlfriend+PPCFtC01XOLl

Once out of the movie, I contacted my buddy, Nate Morrison, elite military trainer, specialist, multi-decade veteran, medic, mountain assault specialist and one of the founders at RIKR Performance. RIKR is an elite military performance training company.

At 19:08 Nate shares some vital wisdom on how you can learn to handle whatever is going in your life. How to stay sane when the world is crazy and not to loose you sh$% when it hits the fan. Very important stuff! Do Listen!

I wanted to learn what it was really like, get the texture that only an insider could know. And I thought you might wanna know too. So that is precisely what Nate gives us in this episode. He talks about the days, the nights, the food, the MRE’s, chow halls, the mobile (and not so mobile) gyms. He offers some texture to the trauma, and how a warrior handles the situation with as much grace as possible. As usual with Nate, I get more than I plan for. He’s a wealth of experience and knowledge–and he has the smarts and personality to share it with courage and color. Nate Flt Suit Face Pic

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is one of my favorite shows to date. I learned a lot and gained in my appreciation and understanding of not just the training, health and wellness but the importance of training, the emotional well-being and how we can all learn to better handle stress and pressure of our daily lives.

Previous Episodes with Nate Morrison: Episode 49: Combat Conditioning and Staying Alive 

Please, remove your hats, sit back and enjoy this hour.

I Ask Only 2 Things of You

Of course, as this show is FREE to you, I ask only 2 things of you if you enjoyed it half as much as I did.

1. Comment: Tell Nate and I what you liked most. Ask questions that we forgot to cover. Share your own experience.

2. Take a look at Nate’s World Class Programs: Combat Conditioning, Combat Nutrition and The Ultimate Training Journal.

Like all things Nate does, these are quality programs from a committed master. You may or may not be ready for warrior training but each of these will give you new information, new motivation and challenge you to step up your strength game.

RKIR-performancePlease Share Your Comments and Questions Below:


Episode 51: The Zen of Strength – Mindful Muscle and Meditation

“Weight training is boring!” the masses complain. Ah, but it is nothing but your experience and thus the boring is never out there, but in you.

What is the difference between the effortless ecstasy of a flow state of effective training and the boring, painful, dutiful drudgery of going through the motions of exercise? Listen in to this episode and find out how you can get into the ZONE, the deeply enjoyable Zen of Strength state.

Much like the state of FLOW, reaching this nirvana of synchronicity of body, mind and spirit is anything but an accident. With some specific anchors and practices that are found in Focus Intensity Training (F.I.T.) focus, flow and freedom can be yours.

And guess what? Yep, it’s as good for your mind as your body. Meditation, the gateway to mindfulness, need not be reserved for the cushion. The muscle building art of lifting iron hold a unique capacity for reaching a deep, focused, mindful and meditation state. Try it some time…

But first, listen in and learn why, how and what you can do next…

Meditation guru, Jon Kabat-Zinn, says, Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”


Episode 50: Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Ultimate Performance


In this latest Episode I welcome the Super-Human, Biohacking, Ultimate Performance Athlete Ben Greenfield.

In this mind-bending, no-bullshit, performance, life-hack show we talk about Ben’s NEW BOOK, Beyond Training and Ben shares a load of insider tips about how he lives a stress-free life while seeking the ultimate in human performance.beyond-training-book

My favorite question–made by his answer–was, “When was the last time you hit the wall during a race and absolutely wanted to quit, stop, collapse? And what did you do?”

  • From Bodybuilding to Extreme Endurance
  • What is the toughest physical challenge?
  • What the hell is Bio-hacking and what does it teach us?
  • Ben’s 6 months of 90% fat diet for performance (why?)
  • How to go longer, stronger
  • How to make more time in your day, easily
  • Ketones–burning more fat per minute (ketosis)
  • Nooptropics–cognitive performance and it’s role in anti-aging
  • Biofeedback, getting sleep, cutting stress, mediation
  • Journaling, using Ever-Note effectively…
  • and other hacks for time, performance and bliss!

Episode 49: About Combat Conditioning and Staying Alive with Nate Morrison

Nate Flt Suit Face PicThis week’s show flat out rocks! My expert guest is military super-trainer Nate Morrison, a veteran of 16 deployments and specialist in Combat Conditioning. Nate knows how to get you prepared when it truly is a matter of life and death.

Nate is a student of not only military history but truly the rise of the physical culture, dating back to the first warrior nations. He’s spent years behind what we used to call, “the iron curtain” learning the art and science of performance from the Russians, including being one of the first westerners to embrace kettlebells from their origin.

Click Here to Get Yours

Nate is the real deal, he knows his stuff. He’s got a wisdom born of many years in the field and a personality that you’d want to fight for. You will enjoy this dialogue… I did.

Peak Moments to Listen for:

  • Nate describes what happens to the human mind and body when “dropped” and left alone in the mountains for 4 weeks. This is fascinating… you can feel your animal instincts awakening as he talks…
  • The “Green Line of 60″” – an self-analysis system Nate developed to help you target world class results, across the continuum of physique to performance. This sh%$ is cool!



Episode 26: The ONE with Big Dave DePew of Grinder Gym

This week’s Expert Guest is Big Dave DePew of Grinder Gym, San Diego.

Dave has been responsible for more famous success stories than perhaps even my bro, Bill. How? He’s been the behind the scenes expert trainer for dozens of top infomercial fitness programs. It was his job to find the people, and take them through the protocol and deliver the stories that people want to see.

big dave depew grinder gym

Dave and I talk…

  • Dave’s driving passion for fitness
  • Dave’s evolution from pure iron to hybrid and crossfit
  • Recreating Dave as 40 nears
  • The culture of fitness : why it matters
  • Dave’s radical fat loss approach
  • Crab depleted dieting: pros, cons, what works
  • The future of the Big Box Gyms (hint: It may be the past)
  • Difference between accepting and “giving up”
  • Living your best life with aspirations and acceptance
  • When’s the best time for Full Strength!

Check out the Grinder Gym for Programs, Challenges and Dave’s 6×6 Protocol!


Man on Top: Joe Stumpf Conquers SEALFIT Hellweek and Crossfit at 50+ : Part-2

One Inspiring Warrior is Joe Stumpf
One Inspiring Warrior is Joe Stumpf

Joe Stumpf is quite easily one of the most fascinating men I’ve ever met. He’s solid, sound, informed, awake and at once, driven and relaxed in his life and being.

He is truly the epitome of “The Man on Top” of Life. If you’re a man who is in or plans on doing the middle third at Full Strength, with grace and grit, listen to this interview, take notes, enjoy, laugh and listen in for the closing question, “So, Super Joe, what’s your Kryptonite?”

See if you might be able to guess in advance. I can tell you, Joe’s got nothing to hide, and that’s great.

Thanks Joe! Awesome Time! (Part 1 of this Brilliant Discussion Here)


Episode 18: Finish Strong with the Willing Warrior Joe Stumpf : Part-1

Our special guest is Joe Stumpf, a super-achiever in all walks of life. He is the oldest man to complete the Navy SEAL Hell Week (at 54), is one of the top ranked Crossfit athletes in the world, and runs By Referral Only, a very successful enterprise for Real-estate agents. Joe is a guys guy–one of the most inspiring human beings I’ve ever spoken with. He’s driven, competitive, confident and relaxed at the same time. You’re gonna be a better man for having taken in this show.

This is PART 1 of a 2-Part Interview (Yes, it was that good we doubled down)

  • Finding new challenges every decade
  • The Physical as a ground for life success
  • A stronger body, stronger business
  • Engaging the CrossFIT Challenge and community
  • The Shape of Your LIFE – Moving UP now OUT
  • The future is “so extraordinary
  • Intensity – 120% and Testosterone!
  • NAVY SEAL Training at 40, 50+
  • A Disciplined Warrior for Life
  • Finishing STRONG, Strength for LIFE
  • The Mental Side of Strength & Fitness
  • What Joe learned from the SEALS

The Willing Warrior on Amazon

By Referral Only (Facebook)

By Referral ONLY

MP3 Download


Special Guest: NOLA Trainer Jonas Deffes, The Honey Badger that Does Give a…

Amidst the business of the holiday season, I got the chance to sit down and talk shop, Crossfit, Bootcamp, and a Man’s Life with one of the quiet, steady and strong forces in the fitness world, affectionately known as “The Honey Badger” despite his oft donned magenta mo-hawk, Jonas Deffes. 

NOLA Trainer Man

Jonas, a native of New Orleans, operates some of the most successful Bootcamps anywhere. He knows how to help people get real results and maybe even more importantly, how to get them in and keep them moving on. Since I came to know Jonas a few years ago, he’s undergone a personal Renaissance of sorts, getting his own health and strength mastered and going strong into Crossfit.

I respect and appreciate Jonas’ commitment and integrity. Our views on doing the right thing are very much aligned, which is very refreshing in an industry where the client or customer is not always (even often) really, truly put first. I’m sure you’ll pick up on this energy…

Listen to this personal conversation if you’re:

  • Into or considering Crossfit
  • Run a Bootcamp or personal training center
  • Are a man who cares about staying stronger, longer
  • Are looking for motivation to start the year strong
  • Want to learn and laugh…

 If You’re In the NOLA area, check out Jonas’ Bootcamps :

NOLA Adventure Bootcamp
(yeah, Jonas is gonna kick my ass for sharing this but go any way!)

Download MP3 Here


Episode #9b: Tom Venuto Part 2 – Iron, Fit Over 40, and more…

Yes, it’s PART 2 with Tom Venuto…and of course, your co-hosts, Shawn and Scott.

This is arguably the richest hour in our shows history. We cover:

  • muscle–get some, keep it
  • show prep–what you need to know about water
  • physique-coming up or ..?
  • bodybuilding-the good, bad, etc…
  • getting started-stories from youth
  • staying going-what keeps us moving 

So much… I close with two personal questions for Tom, including what would he have done differently, now?

Check these out. His answers are spot on priceless!

Download the MP3 Here —- VISIT us on iTunes Here



Episode #9a: The ONE with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Author Tom Venuto Part-1

tom-venuto-burn-the-fat-feed-the-muscleScott and Shawn host our first ever tag team “grilling” of Fitness Icon, father of the modern fitness e-book, author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Tom Venuto.

This is a special, revealing, personal 2-Part interview.

Rather than me sharing the highlights, how about you share them with me. Comment and tell me what stands out.

Download the MP3 Here (Or got to iTunes!)

Enjoy the Strength!