What You Can Learn From Cam’s Epic Meltdown | A Fresh Look At Trump and Sanders [Alpha Awakened] « The Kryptonite Report Strength Podcast
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What You Can Learn From Cam’s Epic Meltdown | A Fresh Look At Trump and Sanders [Alpha Awakened]

cam-newton-meltdownFor all of you who’ve been patiently (or not so) waiting on PART 2 (here’s the wildly popular PART 1) with Alpha Awakened creator and Men’s Coach, John Taylor, we’re back!

NOTE: We get some recording “wobble” in the 22 min range. We fix this quickly. Just hang on. 

Not with PART 2, not yet. Rather, with something you awakening men will be able to sink your psyche right into. You know it’s been said that there is no better teacher than experience. Well, to that I’ll add, a very close second–and much less painful–is to learn from the mistakes of others.

In this episode John and I look into the aftermath of SuperBowl 50 and QB Cam Newton’s famous post-game conference emotional meltdown.

  • Without throwing Cam under the bus, John share what can YOU learn from Cam’s response.
  • What it may or may not suggest about Cam’s in game performance.
  • How your emotions and ability to integrate whatever is going on in your world can lift you up or tear you down.
  • The 4 Stages of Competency / Consciousness. Where are you?

BONUS: A Fresh Perspective on Your Presidential Candidates

Yes, it’s all my fault…

I could not help myself. I had to ask John about how he would read the behaviors and attitudes of our esteemed candidates for President. And yes, it’s very eye-opening.

A Fresh Way to Look Beyond The Voices to The Men

In this bonus section listen for a radical, fresh way to VIEW the candidates. How to stop looking and really SEE who is looking back at you. Tune in… you’re going to gain something very insightful from this segment. Enjoy!

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