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What is The Kryptonite Report and Why am I here?

Shawn Phillips

“The Philosopher of FIT”

An athlete from youth who excelled in tennis, wrestling and football; enjoyed a brief love affair with guitar before bodybuilding consumed his focus in college, Shawn has a knack for seeing things the obvious that others miss. With his sharp mind, quick whit, passion and wide knowledge, Shawn engages people in a way that wakes people to life.

Be it health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, motivation, or the Full Strength Life, Shawn delivers a dimension and depth not find elsewhere. He’s not a coach who is going to coerce you to take action but rather embraces you like a trusted friend, inspiring people to step up to their best.

Into his third decade a top the health, fitness and nutrition world there’s little he’s not seen and experienced. Immune to the hype, he knows what works and how to help people embrace truth. He won’t take you don’t some “quick fix” path of promise you something to “get you going” today, only to leave you broken tomorrow.

A Colorado native, Shawn is an author, business leader and renowned expert in the lifestyle fitness and performance. Over the last three decades he has helped hundreds of thousands of people including business leaders, professional athletes, numerous celebrities, look great, feel great and unleash their full strength.

An integral part of some of the biggest names in performance nutrition, including EAS, Nutros.com and Isatori, Shawn has created the premium nutrition shake, Full Strength® The world’s first Life Performance Fast FoodFull Strength is lifestyle nutrition for the high-achieving man who refuses to be ruled by life’s demands and years. Along with Full Strength Nutrition, Shawn is a internationally published author, an in demand speaker who shares his life-affirming message for living freer, clearer stronger lives on his regular blogs and videos.

An ambassador for consciousness and personal freedom through responsibility, Shawn is the creator of Focus Intensity Training™, a system that integrating body, mind and spirit in a mindfulness practice of strength training. Known as “The Zen of Strength,” it blends the depth of Eastern traditions with the classic Western practice of strength training. He founded the Coalition for Strength, a non-profit organization to share the benefits of living with strength and inspire people of all ages. He also has served as faculty and member of the Integral Institute, a leader in the field of human potential.

While known by many for his signature six-pack abs, his brilliant clarity and inspiring vision, Shawn is better known by his family, close friends and associates as a focused, hard-working man with a kind heart and an intense passion for helping people live extraordinary lives. Shawn currently lives in the foothills of Colorado with his wife Angie and their two children, Nathaniel and Lilly.





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