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John Taylor: The Alpha Male Awakens to Find… [Part 1]

In this come-back episode (a glorious return to the podcast… more on that later) of TKR I share Part 1 of a 2 part conversation with transformational Men’s Coach, John Taylor.John_Taylor_AlphaAwakened

John and I talk about the disastrous state of modern man, the key factors that have led men to lose power and confidence. Why and how the choices of men are making women uneasy and driving them away.

  • The behind closed doors truth about powerful, successful men.
  • Why the “agentic man” is a must for both MEN and WOMEN.
  • How to know if you are living agentic or not.
  • How to get aligned with a “YES!” that ignites you again.
  • The silent epidemic that is killing more men than not, long before they are buried.
  • _____ is the ONE thing that changes everything. (at 17.12 min)
  • The one key to operating in the NOW, and accessing your true power.
  • Men often need to go through hell to find their true strength and freedom.
  • The epic beauty of failure and why you want to celebrate it.
  • How can a man expand your capacity to feel, to be present.

Oh, and so much more… I promise: If you’re a man whom desires or is on the verge of waking up, a man beyond the ego drenched naivety of youth, you are going to love this rich investigation… and find yourself keenly anticipating part 2.

John and I talk about the importance and truth of:

“You get busy living or your get busy dying…” (What movie is that from?)

John Helps High Achieving Men Navigate a Course to True Freedom

Tell me, as a man in the prime of life…

What 3 Things, if you had right now, would make the greatest impact in your every day life?”

(NOTE: Do not default to “money” for it’s money that comes after you get the sh$5 right.)
Add your BIG 3 Below. Thank you!