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Habits Become Rituals and Rituals Are Results



Effort Overcomes All



Mastery and Surrender



What You Can Learn From Cam’s Epic Meltdown | A Fresh Look At Trump and Sanders [Alpha Awakened]

cam-newton-meltdownFor all of you who’ve been patiently (or not so) waiting on PART 2 (here’s the wildly popular PART 1) with Alpha Awakened creator and Men’s Coach, John Taylor, we’re back!

NOTE: We get some recording “wobble” in the 22 min range. We fix this quickly. Just hang on. 

Not with PART 2, not yet. Rather, with something you awakening men will be able to sink your psyche right into. You know it’s been said that there is no better teacher than experience. Well, to that I’ll add, a very close second–and much less painful–is to learn from the mistakes of others.

In this episode John and I look into the aftermath of SuperBowl 50 and QB Cam Newton’s famous post-game conference emotional meltdown.

  • Without throwing Cam under the bus, John share what can YOU learn from Cam’s response.
  • What it may or may not suggest about Cam’s in game performance.
  • How your emotions and ability to integrate whatever is going on in your world can lift you up or tear you down.
  • The 4 Stages of Competency / Consciousness. Where are you?

BONUS: A Fresh Perspective on Your Presidential Candidates

Yes, it’s all my fault…

I could not help myself. I had to ask John about how he would read the behaviors and attitudes of our esteemed candidates for President. And yes, it’s very eye-opening.

A Fresh Way to Look Beyond The Voices to The Men

In this bonus section listen for a radical, fresh way to VIEW the candidates. How to stop looking and really SEE who is looking back at you. Tune in… you’re going to gain something very insightful from this segment. Enjoy!


How Performance Addiction is Killing Your Performance

Nutrient-RichI return this week with a new cut from our ol’ friend, “The Father of Performance Lifestyle,” JAM: John Allen Mollenhauer.

If you’ve ever felt you’re working yourself to “death” or known a level of fatigue that has you pondering ever moving again, you gotta listen. You gotta learn what JAM has to offer about our NATIONAL obsession with PERFORMANCE and how we’ve taken a great thing and turned it into an addiction.

Yes, and we talk about how to STOP DOING and START UN-DO-ING. How to step out of the human doing and back into BEING.

Perfectly, we open with: The Beauty of Old School Iron Finding Your Zen Zone

• Why iron remains the most common, most popular method of training (outside walking a treadmill)

• What’s YOUR STORY of Strength, Health and Fitness? Is it serving you?

• The Physical Culture of Strength (see Strong & Shapely Gym)

• The downfall of “fitness hacks”

Performance Addiction – Is it ruining your life and performance

• The minimalism fallacy: Why faster misses the point (using sex as example)

Why sex without the relationships is like dessert without the flavor (calories)

• Resultitus

• Performance Addiction and Bodybuilder vs. The Type-A Man

• How to truly claim your time for healthy, strong, life (without guilt or stress)

How to hack bread <<== Do NOT Miss this one 

• How to recover from performance addiction and get back to performance

• How stories are driving you towards suffering and away from the peace, vibrant health and life you desire

Doing vs. Being Fit



John Taylor: The Alpha Male Awakens to Find… [Part 1]

In this come-back episode (a glorious return to the podcast… more on that later) of TKR I share Part 1 of a 2 part conversation with transformational Men’s Coach, John Taylor.John_Taylor_AlphaAwakened

John and I talk about the disastrous state of modern man, the key factors that have led men to lose power and confidence. Why and how the choices of men are making women uneasy and driving them away.

  • The behind closed doors truth about powerful, successful men.
  • Why the “agentic man” is a must for both MEN and WOMEN.
  • How to know if you are living agentic or not.
  • How to get aligned with a “YES!” that ignites you again.
  • The silent epidemic that is killing more men than not, long before they are buried.
  • _____ is the ONE thing that changes everything. (at 17.12 min)
  • The one key to operating in the NOW, and accessing your true power.
  • Men often need to go through hell to find their true strength and freedom.
  • The epic beauty of failure and why you want to celebrate it.
  • How can a man expand your capacity to feel, to be present.

Oh, and so much more… I promise: If you’re a man whom desires or is on the verge of waking up, a man beyond the ego drenched naivety of youth, you are going to love this rich investigation… and find yourself keenly anticipating part 2.

John and I talk about the importance and truth of:

“You get busy living or your get busy dying…” (What movie is that from?)

John Helps High Achieving Men Navigate a Course to True Freedom

Tell me, as a man in the prime of life…

What 3 Things, if you had right now, would make the greatest impact in your every day life?”

(NOTE: Do not default to “money” for it’s money that comes after you get the sh$5 right.)
Add your BIG 3 Below. Thank you!


KR 57: American Sniper Training

thumbnail_19703Watching the movie, American Sniper, was quite an experience. Intense, moving and heartbreaking. Cooper is amazing in his portrayal of Chris Kyle and Clint Eastwood, masterful as usual.

Yet, me, my mind kept tracking to the questions:

  • How does a SEAL get through that training and testing?
  • How strong are these guys, really?
  • What does a day in the life of a sniper look like?
  • How do these guys stay in shape? What is their training?
  • How and what do they eat?

You know, all that stuff that few other were thinking about. Ah, but now that you think about it, some pretty interesting questions. Right?Bradley+Cooper+Bradley+Cooper+Gets+Visit+Girlfriend+PPCFtC01XOLl

Once out of the movie, I contacted my buddy, Nate Morrison, elite military trainer, specialist, multi-decade veteran, medic, mountain assault specialist and one of the founders at RIKR Performance. RIKR is an elite military performance training company.

At 19:08 Nate shares some vital wisdom on how you can learn to handle whatever is going in your life. How to stay sane when the world is crazy and not to loose you sh$% when it hits the fan. Very important stuff! Do Listen!

I wanted to learn what it was really like, get the texture that only an insider could know. And I thought you might wanna know too. So that is precisely what Nate gives us in this episode. He talks about the days, the nights, the food, the MRE’s, chow halls, the mobile (and not so mobile) gyms. He offers some texture to the trauma, and how a warrior handles the situation with as much grace as possible. As usual with Nate, I get more than I plan for. He’s a wealth of experience and knowledge–and he has the smarts and personality to share it with courage and color. Nate Flt Suit Face Pic

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is one of my favorite shows to date. I learned a lot and gained in my appreciation and understanding of not just the training, health and wellness but the importance of training, the emotional well-being and how we can all learn to better handle stress and pressure of our daily lives.

Previous Episodes with Nate Morrison: Episode 49: Combat Conditioning and Staying Alive 

Please, remove your hats, sit back and enjoy this hour.

I Ask Only 2 Things of You

Of course, as this show is FREE to you, I ask only 2 things of you if you enjoyed it half as much as I did.

1. Comment: Tell Nate and I what you liked most. Ask questions that we forgot to cover. Share your own experience.

2. Take a look at Nate’s World Class Programs: Combat Conditioning, Combat Nutrition and The Ultimate Training Journal.

Like all things Nate does, these are quality programs from a committed master. You may or may not be ready for warrior training but each of these will give you new information, new motivation and challenge you to step up your strength game.

RKIR-performancePlease Share Your Comments and Questions Below:


Dream the Dream of Living the Life Your Are Actually Living Today…


If you could dream 75 years in one night… Well, this is what could happen or perhaps what did. As you find yourself here, the One pretending not to be.

If you awaken to this illusion… and you understand that black implies white; self implies other; death implies life…

Take 4 minutes of your life. Do nothing else. Listen not with your head but your soul. Think less and be more as you take this in. Then, share.


KR 56: The Happy, Healthy Holiday How To Finish Strong Show


How to Stop Freaking Out, Sabotaging Your Fitness and End The Year Leaner and Stronger Without Sacrifice!

We’re BACK!

Ho, Ho, Ho… We’re BACK Yes, it’s the Dynamic Duo, the original, the TAG TEAM of MUSCLE, Scott T. and myself, Shawn P.

Yes, we’re back with a show dedicated to the holidays, to your sanity, to finishing strong, to having fun and being festive. Yes, think of this as your license to do it all…to have it all.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Successful Holiday Season… No Compromise!

Share Below… How to You Excel in the Holidays?


Episode 55: Muscle and Endurance with Strength Runner Dave Gluhareff

In this latest episode Super-trainer, athlete, proves that you can go LONG and go STRONG.

Breaking through the limiting beliefs of muscle or endurance, extreme athlete, former fat-kid, and now ultra-extreme-endurance athlete, Dave Gluhareff, known as Strength Runner, shares his amazing life and stories to inspire you to reach your best.

Dave-G-srunnerIn the late 1990’s David Gluhareff lost over 100 pounds.

Dave became a Certified Personal Trainer with the ISSA and began his career. As a Personal Trainer, Dave has been helping people take charge of their physiques to help them feel, look, and move better through life.  Dave specializes in Training “busy professional men” to lose weight or gain weight.

Dave also makes his living as a health and fitness writer and speaker. Topics Dave cover’s includes Obesity, Exercise, Rest, Nutrition, Stress Relief, Flexibility, Strength Training, Range of Motion, Bodybuilding, Strength, Celebrity Fitness Interviews, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Motivation, Fitness for Seniors, and Inspiration.

Listen in for the closing 5 minutes as Dave answers…

The 5 Questions of Fitness

  1. What is your favorite workout / bodypart to train? Why?
  2. What is the myth (aka lie) about fitness / weight loss that bothers you most?
  3. If you were given ONE last meal what would it be?
  4. What person in your life is most influential in supporting your pursuit of fitness?
  5. If you could have ONE wish granted to most positively affect obesity what would that wish be?

Dave is an easy person to like and easy to know. I really enjoy his passion, energy and honesty. He’s a great example of what this industry of wellness and health is realy, truly all about. He is just good for the industry and every person who gets the chance to connect with him.

And if you need a lift, have him tell you about one of his ultra-races. Wooo.. Crazy stuff! Strong…